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May 12, 2008 12:28 PM

Celebratory Dinner in Amherst

My husband & I will be in Amherst next month & are looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We need a place open relatively late since we're flying in from So. Cal. that day. Open at least till 10 PM, I would think, ideally 11 PM (I notice a lot of restaurants in these smaller towns close @ 9). We've never been to Amherst before, but would prefer something in town so that we can enjoy the walk. No ethnic (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Mexican) since we're from L.A. & have lots of great, low cost choices for that type of food. Preferably French, Seafood, or simply great local fresh ingrediants put together artfully. Do not want to spend a fortune. Entrees should be no more than $25. Also seeking a good wine list. Thank you!

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  1. Try Tabella - near the Amherst Cinema, tapas style but more modern American than traditional Spanish. Also Chez Albert, French style Bistro. Both in the center of town. Don't know how late yhey are open--is this a weekday or weekend? Weekdays, you're pretty much out of luck--try Northampton. 10 weekdays, 11 weekends 9 weekdays, 10 weekends
    Both closed Mondays

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      Our trip was postponed & we're going next week to Amherst, but we still are looking for a good meal in a romantic, fun restaurant. The three that look the most promising so far are Taballa, Chez Albert & Bistro 63. Which is the best or are there others that I've missed? I don't know the area at all.

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        You might also want to try the Lord Jeffrey Inn. (It's owned by Amherst College) Elijah Boltwood's Tavern is more traditional New England, but is popular with visiting parents & alumni.

    2. Tabella is always open late--they try and catch the post cinema crowd--and they have an outdoor seating area. Although being from LA you may sniff at that. Chez Albert is fine dining, maybe more money than you want to spend, and tends to stop seating by 9. It is also small and longs waits are common.

      Tabella's thing is fresh local ingredients. Their wine list is fine and reasonably priced & their sangria is the bomb. Yes, I'm thinking Tabella is the way to go.

      For coffee or a nice glass of wine in the evening Amherst Coffee (around the corner from Tabella) is your best bet.

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        Thanks for the excellent recommendation! We indeed went to Tabella & thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We appreciated the well-edited selection of dishes & attention to local ingredients. Delicious small plates, nice wine selection & very pleasant patio seating. And after a long flight, it was exactly the type of relaxed meal that we needed.