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May 12, 2008 12:27 PM

Outside Disney - Yay or Nay?

I am planning a trip to Disney World...along with our inside places we are looking to eat outside of Disney a few nights. Can anyone care to comment on my list please. We are looking toward more good than gourmet meals and not super expensive, and there will be picky teens with us; here is what I came up with.

Tu Tu Tango (will it be open?)
Sweet Tomatoes (for lunch)
Blackwaters BBQ OR
Bubba's Boldalicious BBQ
Bahamma Breeze (is this nohting more than a glorified TGIF??)

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  1. You've got the price right, and some good places. Maggiano's is a mid-price, mid-quality massive restaurant, a chain. I wouldn't run there. Roy's is very good, but pricey and may not have something for the teen--although there is a kid menu, and the chefs are quite accommodating. Tu Tu Tango is fun for appetizers, and it is open for lunch. I've never been to Sweet Tomatoes; it's a fast food restaurant, and people do like it. Both bbq places are ok, and cheap. Bahama Breeze is owned by the Darden folks (OIive Garden, Red Lobster). It's more upscale than those, but sorta bland. Fun live music on the patio--but there is always a wait on the patio.

    1. It's the original Tu Tu Tango in Miami that is closing this month. Cool place. As long as you don't go overboard on the tapas and drinks you'll be fine.

      Bahama Breeze has been hit or miss for me. If you're teens, it's a good bet because the menu is pretty varied despite the Caribbean bent.

      Sweet Tomatoes is definitely not gourmet food, but it's a big winner on the buffet front if you're comparing it to the others in the area (Ponderosa, Golden Corrall, etc.).

      Between the fresh-tossed salads, the pasta stations, the soup bar, the baked goods station, etc. there will be something for everybody.

      Maggiano's is a cozy, themed, family-style restaurant. It works for me.

      1. I was in Orlando a few weeks ago and made the drive to Blackwater BBQ for dinner one night, based on recommendations on this board. It was only open for lunch while I was there (so I didn't get to try it). Definitely call before you go.

        1. All things being equal if you can't decide I'd go with one that is on I-Drive .vs. not. The advantage is that before or after dinner you can stroll around a bit... Given the right area of I-drive it's almost like being in a theme park itself. Also there's another restaurant every 500 feet so if you have some disaster there are lots of easy & nearby Plan B's.

          Also if you consider Boardwalk and Downtown Disney "outside Disney" that opens up some other options such as Rain Forest.