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May 12, 2008 12:16 PM

ribs in nyc??


i'm looking for a non-touristy place for ribs in nyc. i remember going to one place downtown almost 10 yrs ago, but i can't remember the name. can anyone help? i def want to stay away from the big chains around times sq.

thank u!

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  1. You might want to do a search for BBQ or ribs. I like Hill Country. I haven't been to RUB or Daisy May's, but they also get good reviews.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Rub is inconsistent, but can be sublime. Daisy May also can have bad days, but is more streamlined. Both can be excellent, and I would say better than Hill country which seems to excell at brisket.

    2. I went to Blue Smoke two months ago, and although it has spotty reviews, I thought it was pretty decent.

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        perwvu, I know you mentioned you wanted to stay away from Times Sq., but I always have a great experience at Virgil's. Never have been disappointed with the ribs there and the sides are terrific. But if you really want to stay clear of midtown, I definitely second Blue Smoke and RUB.

        1. Hit the Dinosaur in Harlem! I've had the ribs here, Hill Country and Daisy May's, and Dino is by far the best, Smoky, always tender and meaty. Call ahead for reservations though as the place is usually packed. Here is a picture of a rib platter my gf had recently at Dinosaur (with some beans, mac & cheese, brisket and cornbread). Just click on the pic below for a better view.

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            For Ribs, Dinosaur is the way to go. I am from Texas and BBQ is something I consider myself to be an expert on. I have tested quite a few of the new BBQ joints in the city and Ribs are best and Dinosaur. Hill Country has great meat...the beef shoulder and brisket are to die for....but their ribs just don't vut it.


            1. re: Tex in the City

              Just went to Dinosaur last night, ribs, beef brisket and chicken were all delicious!!

          2. I like Virgils also. However since you said NYC and not Manhattan, try Ranger Texas Barbecue At Legends Sports Bar 71-04 35th Avenue, Jackson Heights 718.779.6948. I particularly like their beef rib. And, located in the back of a regular sports bar, it is as non touristy as you can get.

            1. Beware Perwvu - the posts so far are all toruist spots. Dino is subpar in my opinion and witrh a reservation on a Tuesday night, we waited almost 45 minutes. The service was amazing, but the food was lackluster. I've heard similar things about Virgil's.

              I've heard The Hog Pit is the new "in" place. But not sure how touristy it is. I hear the prices are excellent though.

              I read that there's a place called RUB BBQ that is small and has the best bbq beef and pork. The review did say the chicken is second to Dino (which even I thought was better than their ribs), but you said RIBS!