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May 12, 2008 12:15 PM

las canarias in san antonio

who's tried las canarias since the new chef arrived?? it's always been my favorite, and i'm wondering how the menu has changed. will they still have the same sunday brunch?

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  1. Wow- we just had lunch at Las canarias on the Riverwalk (in Mansion hotel) and it was really great! Lunch ran us $50 with 2 entrees, 2 glasses of wine, tax & tip. I had ribeye open face sandwich, with horseradish mayo, beefsteak tomato and gorgonzola- YUM! Hubbie had the crab cakes and corn salad/relish. Also very good, flavor, texture, etc. Loaded with crab (not too bready, yeah!) Service was smooth,, friendly, and efficient. Highly reccommend :)

    Have you heard anything about new place, Bistro Thyme?

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      I haven't been since the new chef arrived but you can't go wrong with the ambience, the hotel is so beautiful and I love to have lunch on the terrace. Does the new chef also oversee Pesca across from it in the Watermark Hotel - I do like that place for lunch too.