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May 12, 2008 12:12 PM

Preggers in Paris

Okay... just when we stopped trying...

I am going to be only 10 weeks along when I am in Paris with my Maman... for a week... with no drinks... GAHK!

Seriously though, what are some common things that one could order at a cafe or at a restaurant that aren't coffee or Coke?

I know about Perrier Menthe and Citron Presse... Anything else (I'm not wild about either of those)!


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  1. Congrats on your impending blessed event! My own blessed event, who is now 15, didn't want to order Coke in Paris, so ordered Orangina quite a bit. Also, something similar to Orangina, but with lemon. Just look over the carte, there are plenty of options that aren't wine, coffee, tea or coke.

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      That's just it... I have been told by my uncle (who lives in Toulouse but is not a 'going out' kinda guy) that there isn't much ... I was just wondering if anyone on the board had been preggers in paris and what they ordered while there, most especially at cafes, but also while eating. I can only drink so much water........................

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        Unless you treat it as a water tasting experience... Do you like sparkling water?

        Many French people treat sparkling waters like aperitifs and then have still water with their meals. Although it is not inappropriate to have sparkling water at meals as well.

        I really like Evian still water for it's lack of a discernible taste (my palate). I think it just tastes really clean. Traditional Badoit is one of my favorite sparkling waters with meals because it is less carbonated. Pellegrino to me is slightly salty. Perrier is definitely more carbonated, and when it's super chilled (but no ice), I like to order it in cafes in warm weather. Badoit now has a red bottled version that is similarly carbonated to Perrier (eau nature intensément pétillante).

        There are also still and sparkling waters with essence of lemon, lime, and other flavors. These aren't as common in cafes, but are commonly available in supermarkets.

        In bars and cafes, you can also order fruit juices (orange, apple, tomato, grapefruit, pineapple). They won't typically be fresh squeezed, unless you see a designation of "pressé", they typically come in a small bottle with a glass and a couple of ice cubes.

        Hope this helps!

    2. I was pregnant in Paris last winter, but in my second trimester so I did have a glass or two of wine. I stuck to Coke and "deca" (decaf coffee) and water. Lots of water. In fact, isn't there a water bar at Colette? That might be fun.

      You could order hot chocolate - you could seek out hot chocolate, in fact...that would be fun too - less guilt-inducing when you're drinking for two.

      To be honest, I found Paris difficult when pregnant (and I've been there many, many, many times) - but I lost a bit of my palate in general, so YMMV.

      On a completely unrelated note, may I suggest Monoprix for great baby clothes? Cheap cheap cheap onesies (e.g., Petit Bateau for Monoprix brand - 6-7 euros for a 3 pack) and basic clothes, bibs, etc. (and lovely older options if you know the gender, which I did not).

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        Thanks for everyone's advice... I like water but good grief...

        It's too funny too b/c the last time I was in Paris with Mom, I was a kid and she complained that I had better hurry up and grow up b/c Coke was twice the price of a pression or other drink... Now we're back to square one... hahahahaha...