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May 12, 2008 12:00 PM

Beer on a Plane

So another thread got the windmills in my mind churning about a Smokey and the Bandit run down south to bring home some Abita Wheat and Shiner Bock. As this would be the carless, presumably Sally Fieldless (but who knows?), subway, taxi and Jet Blue version of the Smokey and the Bandit beer run, how well does beer travel on planes and how do I pack it?

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  1. I brought some Dogfish Head back to Ca in my luggage wrapped bubblewrap and then padded with clothes. It survived in tact.

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      I brought some Westvleteren back from Belgium in my luggage. Wrapped each bottle in bubble wrap, then put them in a zip lock bag with a bit of newspaper, then another zip lock for good measure. Then placed them among my clothes in each suitcase. All arrived perfectly.

    2. I've flown home with beer now on probably six different trips. The first few times, I had only a few bottles, and simply wrapped them up in clothing. This worked pretty well. Then, I got really ambitious, and tried to take a large number of bombers home, wrapped in bubble wrap. I didn't do the best job wrapping them, and three bottles broke at the airport before my flight. The airline guy was really helpful, and sold me several of these:

      These things are awesome. I now take them with me when I travel anywhere, and a lot of beer has made it home in them. I still will take small bottles wrapped in clothes, though. That seems to work pretty well.

      1. Bombers, 750ml and smaller bottles wrapped in clothing or bubble wrap in luggage surrounded by the rest of my clothes has worked for me on numerous occasions in the past with no breakage. I've now started to place all the wrapped bottles in one Ziploc Big Bag to comply with airline policies requiring leak proof bags and of course to protect the rest of the contents of my luggage from that first broken bottle.

        1. For our recent Belgium trip we brought a cardboard box with styrofoam inserts made for wine bottles with us. We brought it full of local San Diego beer and came back with it full of belgians. It worked well and we just checked it on the plane with our other luggage. I have also wrapped stuff in clothes and bubble wrap. To me, it all depends on the beer. I wouldn't risk wrapping my Westy in clothes but in your case it might work just fine.

          1. Brought back a couple of six-packs of Beer Lao from Laos. Just tossed into suitcase. Arrived fine.