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May 12, 2008 11:56 AM

SF hound seeks Austin Advice

Help with your good ideas. I need some good places for both lunch and dinner.

Really good Texas Steak is important as well as a place that can meet that
and some "veggie" alternatives.

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  1. For steak, I think III Forks is quite good. They actually have a fair number of vegetables on the menu too.

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    1. re: chub512

      I agree. And the nice thing about III Forks is the vegetables are included in the price of your steak, so you can try as many of them as you'd like without any impact on price.

    2. My personal fav for steak is Austin Land & Cattle. It's local, not a chain. The grilled portobello mushroom steak is a delicious veggie entree option. They are not open for lunch.

      Lambert's and III Forks are solid choices as well.