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May 12, 2008 11:21 AM

Brix @ 1601

My wife and I tried out the new restaurant in Hermosa Beach, Brix.

Its in the shopping center with the Family Fitness and Glen Ivy spa, which historically has been a black hole for most businesses. Its has a really awkward parking structure thats often difficult to get in/out of. As for the restaurant, it looks like they've put a significant investment into the place. It certainly doesn't look like anything else in the Hermosa beach, though I'm not certain thats a great thing as it kinda feels out of place for the area. The decor kinda reminds me of a vegas hotel restaurant or a cheesecake factory interior. Attached to the restaurant is a wine store, which has an interesting selection of wines. We met Marta, one the someliers (sp?), who was nice enough to show us around and tell us some of their future plans.

As for the food, it was good, not great. We started with a duck dumpling which was fine. I had the petite filet and my wife had the hamburger. I actually ended up finishing my wife's burger which was the best thing they made. It was really moist and flavorful on a nice soft bun. We finished with a sorbet sampler that was fine. They have a nice selection of wines by the glass as well.

All in all, I think we'll try this place again, if for nothing else, to have the hamburger, and to puruse the wine store some more.

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  1. I have also been to Brix @ 1601 and I agree with you, It's ok but very out of place in Hermosa Beach. I also agree with you on that mall 1601 Pacific Coast Hwy is a black hole for any business. They should just knock that thing down.

    1. Just finished having dinner with 3 friends and I will never go back. The decor was great, the menu selections looked tasty, wine list was extensive, and I have never been so disrespected.

      Our food was good. Three of us had the the flat iron steak with fries & one had the halibut. The steaks were properly cooked. The fries were room temp but were well seasoned. I was told that fish was good - and my friend who is a picky eater, ate it all. The servings weren't large, but I felt appropriate for a place that also emphasis atmosphere, presentation, and service. The problem was with the service.

      After paying for our $200 meal, we noticed that we had been over-charged for a bottle of wine. We mentioned it to the waitress whose reponse was " oh, that must have been the price". We informed her that was incorrect, the wine list had a different price - her response "oh, well. I'll let the sommelier know so she can update the wine list" - then she took our tips and left. She made no attempt to correct the bill or even apologize. I've never been anywhere where someone didn't at least offer to correct the bill. It totally ruined the whole evening.

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      1. re: Babz

        Hi Babz,
        I am going to Brix tomorrow night and will let you know what I think but I cringed when I read your report. It's so sad that one stupid server can give you such a horrible feeling about the place. Maybe they fired her already. Hopefully!

      2. Brix still doesn't cut it. My lunch experience today included a menu more limited than that on Brix own website, a server who didn't know the menu, and some really poor execution of dishes. The long version:

        I really wanted to like Brix. It's a beautifully appointed room, but the menu just doesn't match. We went for lunch today and had a hard time making a selection. Not because there were so many choices, but because there are so few. Don't go by the website; half of the items are not on the lunch menu. For such an elegant space, the menu was comprised largely of run of the mill sandwiches and a couple of steaks. I had settled on the skirt steak with arugula, only to be informed that it was replaced by skirt steak with a fried egg and black beans. UGH! I was informed that I could not get the menu item, even though they had all the ingredients. SO - I ordered the corn ravioli with sweetbreads. Along came ravioli topped by cream sauce with a few kernels of corn and some deep fried chunks of.... ??? The waiter said bacon. I asked where the sweetbreads might be and he said they were inside the ravioli. SO - the raviolis were filled with.... the same cream sauce that was on the outside. After consulting with the kitchen, the waiter returned and proudly announced that the "bacon" was really sweetbreads. Deep fried sweetbreads.... I returned it, and ordered the other steak on the menu, requesting that the fries be substituted with roasted vegetables. The waiter informed me that there might be an upcharge; I informed him that I would not pay anything additional. They complied, ultimately. While the waiter apologized, I was appalled by his lack of knowledge of the menu. Furthermore, I would expect that my entree be comped for the inconvenience. All in all, a disappointment. I always look for new restaurants near home. Took a while to get to Brix because I hadn't heard many raves. Maybe dinner service is better; one more chance in a few months. Unfortunately, my husband will not return due to today's service.

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        1. re: SB foodie

          For the food, I wouldn't bother going again for dinner. Their food and service is not any better from my experience. Too bad, I'm dying for a place in the South Bay that I can consistently count on for edible food.

        2. this is really interesting to me. i've lived in the south bay for a long time and i've always pegged that center as dead in the water, no matter what goes in there. the fact that there was something with a little bit of hope is just weird.

          anyways, it's sad to hear about so many negative experiences. the guy at LA mag put it on his year end top 10, which made me want to check it out, but i feel like i get a "real" opinion from all you hounds.

          i still want to try out either the recession menu (which is a super cheap prix fixe) or the bar menu, which has some interesting items (note to self: this isn't laurel tavern). if anyone else has had an experience here, please speak up!