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May 12, 2008 11:14 AM

Best Culinary Shows On Television?

There are so many to choose from and from different genres, what's your favorite and what do you think is the best?

I'd have to say Diary of a Foodie is my favorite right now

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  1. Simply Ming is my overall favorite because I like to cook in that East Meets West style.
    For entertainment value I like Made in Spain.
    Rick Bayless and Mario are high on my list too.

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    1. re: tofuburrito

      I like Simply Ming as well.
      I enjoy watching America's Test Kitchen, but that's probably because I like the Cook's Illustrated style of testing recipes.

    2. Great topic. Lots of different ways to go here.

      Best In the kitchen/demo show: Simply Ming. Tons of useful info and tips. Goes beyond the usual "How to chop an onion" stuff. Rather than just say "simmer for 5 minutes until tender" he shows you what to look for so you know it is done, without guessing. The anti-Rachel Ray.

      Best general culinary show: Both of Bittman's PBS shows. Never really followed his print column in the NY Times, but love his TV shows. He does a nice job balancing the focus between A-list chefs/restaurants and fantastic ingredients and where they come from.

      Favorite host: Tony Bourdain. Always entertaining but lately has the habit of drifting off the foodie track and off into some literary/ spiritual tangent. Guess that's to be expected on the Travel channel where he can't be all food all the time. When he's on food, there is no one better.

      Best Fun Show for Foodies: After Hours with Daniel on Mojo. Just an entertaining show to watch. Excess in all its' glory. World class chefs with top of the line food and wine in gorgeous settings and celebrities to boot. Season 1 in NYC was the best, but after less than exhilarating stops in LA and Miami, New Orleans looks like it has the show back on track.

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        Bourdain quit smoking, got nicer, and is on a philosophical jag. Why? he just had a child with his Italian wife. Having kids will do that to you, I am not surprised it is seeping into his work. In this particular, good for him.

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          DDR4040- where do you live, and what stations are those shows on? I can't find them here, or perhaps I just can't find them in my enigmatic TV listings. TIA.

          1. re: Claudette

            I live in NJ, just outside Philly. Between Comcast and DirecTV, I get 4 local PBS stations, so my DVR's really get a work out. Not sure where you are located, but here are some links for the shows I mentioned.









            Everything but After Hours with Daniel should be pretty easy to find. After Hours is on Mojo. Mojo is a High Definition channel that is offered on select cable systems throughout the country. It used to be called INHD. It is owned by a group of cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner, for exclusive broadcast on their systems. The first season of After Hours in NYC is available on DVD and I highly recommend it.

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              Thanks for the listings, DDR4040, and when I asked why I can't get those shows, my home electronics tech support (aka Hubby) said we-have-basic-cable-and-that's-all-we're-ever-gonna-get-and-you-shouldn't-watch-tv-anyway-and-you-already-have-food-network-and-400-cookbooks-and-blah-blah-blah-so-there. Good thing he's a good eater...

              1. re: Claudette


                After Hours is indeed hard to find on most cable systems. However, I was excited to find out that you can view 18 full episodes from the first two seasons online at

        2. My current favorite show is License to Grill on Discovery Channel, I cannnot get enough of using my smoker, and grill, and enjoy the host, and the spin he puts on different recipies.

          I dislike the term "best", a very subjective, and debatable term, but this show is my current favorite

          1. Food Safari and In Search of Perfection. If I ever get a week to spare I'll try Heston Blumenthal's Baked Alaska.

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            1. re: sharonanne

              'Yan can Cook' is the most hilarious and enjoyable tv cookery programn ever. ever. find it and watch it. and laugh yourself silly.

              bills food and any nigella program are smugfests and should be cancelled and all tapes ever made erased from history

              1. re: pecandanish

                "If Yan can cook, you can, too!"

                Favourite line in our kitchen. ;)

            2. your thread title says "Best," but your wording says "favorite." imho, those are frequently two different things entirely.

              Which do you mean?

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              1. re: ChefJune

                either or, I'd assume your favorite would be what is in your opinion, "the best"

                entirely subjective

                I had mentioned ""Diary of a Foodie" because they happen to cover everything and the production quality of their shows are excellent