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May 12, 2008 11:05 AM

Port Land Grille, Wilmington NC

Heading to Wilmington this weekend for a quick Anniversary getaway. I've never eaten anything other than the standard beach/fried seafood fare in Wilmington/Wrightsville and need a "nice" place. The general consensus among my Wilmington "in the know" friends is that Port Land Grille is THE place for me and the Mrs to celebrate the big day.

Any menu favorites or must-try items? Hopefully there are no "avoid at all cost" menu items but I'm open to all feedback or suggestions.


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  1. I've had their duck with coconut black rice a couple of times and it's always excellent. We haven't eaten there in a while, but we've never been disappointed in anything we've had. It's always a very nice dining experience, and the food has always been outstanding. I think you'll have a great evening there and a memorable meal. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    1. Port Land is the place! There isn't anything I wouldn't try there. Many of their dishes are cooked over a wood grill, which imparts a great flavor and aroma. The menu typically has dishes for everyone, including seafood and a few vegetarian plates. One of PLG's strengths is a terrific array of dishes utilizing different farm raised meats. I've seen wild boar, duck, venison and others. Of course there is always some form of filet mignon. The menu changes from time to time so selections can differ depending on the availability. Never had a bad, let me rephrase that....I've never had a meal that was less than outstanding. Enjoy your anniversary!

      1. Thanks All, we're looking forward to a great meal!

        1. I thought I should report back on our experience. It was fantastic!! Probably in the Top 10 restaurant meals of all time for me.

          We had the Red Neck Tater Skins and the Crab Cake appetizers. Both were amazing. The Tater Skins are very filling. Definitely need to be shared. The Crab cake comes on a bed of lima beans. I'm not a big fan of lima beans but I was shoveling them in as fast as I could--very tasty.

          For the main course I went with the Delmonico steak, my wife had the Halibut. The steak was outstanding. Great flavor and very tender. I ordered the BlueCheese Garlic sauce on the side but frankly the steak was so good on it's own I didn't eat it. The Halibut comes on a bed of risotto. While she thought the Halibut was great my wife is a huge risotto fan and would love to see that as an entree choice.

          We were stuffed and had decided to skip dessert when the waiter showed up with a Chocolate Molten Cake that our friends had called in and ordered for us as a surprise. Like everything else it was out of this world good.

          Service was great, not pushy. They don't skimp on the cocktails and they make a great mojito if you like those. I laughed out loud at the tray of reading glasses available to borrow at the hostess stand!! My middle aged eyes struggle with tiny print menus in low light. Having those there was a nice touch!

          We don't get to Wilmington very often but we will be sure to hit the PLG when we do.

          Thanks again to all who recommended it. That's what's so great about this forum.

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            Thanks much for the report back, fwbeach! Sounds like a superb evening. Glad you had a good experience.