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May 12, 2008 10:58 AM

Buyer's remorse..PB Loco White Chocolate Raspberry

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this stuff.

I just tried it and it's way.too.sweet. I was thinking of using it on toast but I think it's too sweet for that. Any ideas are welcomed.

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  1. Make some p.b. cookies or brownies with it.

    1. Spread it on really dark chocolate!

      My Mom sent me a jar of Nutella, which I find almost too sweet to eat by the spoonful, but combined with the 99% unsweetened chocolate bar that is almost too bitter to eat plain, it's perfect.

      1. Melt with a little milk or cream and pour over ice cream, along w/ some graham cracker crumbs; or, make a batch of vanilla or sweet cream ice cream and add a pb loco swirl.

        Add to whipped cream and top or fill cupcakes.

        Spread on some crepes; or make a napoleon of sorts with many crepes spread with thin layers of pb loco.

        Add it to plain waffle or pancake batter.

        1. Aw, man, I love love love that stuff. I have a nearly empty jar of the PB Loco Raspberry White Chocolate and another of PB Loco Sumatra Cinnamon Raisin in my cabinet. I agree that it's way too sweet for meal food, but think of it in a dessert sense. I like it on a waffle, warmed and drizzled over ice cream or pound cake, as a layer in a parfait, or blended into a smoothie. PB Loco's website has a section called "Concoctions" where you can see recipe suggestions for your particular flavor.

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          1. re: Aimi

            Is the Cinnamon Raisin as sweet as the White Chocolate? The smoothie idea is a good one. I also have some plain yogurt needing a home.

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              It is sweet, but not *as* sweet as the Raspberry White Chocolate. It really has a LOT of cinnamon in it, so it is very rich. I sandwiched some of the Sumatra Cinnamon Raisin between two thin waffles for breakfast this morning. Yum! But you have to have a really big glass of milk with it ;-)

          2. I have the banana flavor or PB Loco. I use a little spoonful in my morning oatmeal.