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Blue Star Cafeteria

Am unable to find any good info on the board about this place. Real quick......thumbs up or down. Everytime i drive by, i want to go. I looked on their website at the menu.
Doesn't look all that bad.

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  1. Real quick? Thumbs down for me.

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      Same here, but it's been a looooong time since I've been there. Things might have changed in nearly 2 years.

    2. Nice menu, decent prices (except for the daily special), nothing fancy but decent food. The happy hour is great prices on food and alcohol. The only disappointing thing for me is the salads.

      1. they have a really good burger. their meatloaf sandwich is good too. its a pretty decent lunch spot.

        1. Thumbs up from me. It's in our neighborhood and we go about every two weeks. Very good burgers, nice fried chicken cutlet and vegetable sides are quite fresh and good. They use local stuff pretty frequently.

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            seen the chef buying goods at boggy creek farm, fwiw.

          2. I've always enjoyed everything I've ordered there but the salads. Great burger and I always order a few of the apps. I think the humus is the best.

            1. I've had several salads there which were excellent. The downside is it has some of the noisiest acoustics in Austin.

              1. I popped in to buy a bottle of water from their cold case (I had an appt. next door). The bottle of San Pelegrino (a small bottle mind you) was $3.75. I think that's a bit too expensive. A bottle of fizzy water. I bought a case at Sam's for $10- the exact same thing.

                Their brunch menu looks a bit too expensive too: eggs and toast: $7+.

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                  umm, it's a restaraunt. they have very different margins than a Sam's. So what would a fair price be for breakfast?

                  1. Down, way down. Mainly, up-scale, yuppy interpretations of many southern staples in an achingly trendy environment. Meatloaf should never be in double digits, unless there's a run on ground beef that I'm unaware of. The burger was fare, but again, the prices are usurious. Go to Hoover's.

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                      hoover's meatloaf is $10, blue star is $12. Are your really going to start class warfare over two bucks? one person's "yuppy interpratation" is another's interesting twist on somthing thats often low quality and boring. being new in town (yes, I moved here from California, but before you string me up to "keep Austin weird", I was born and raised here and probably have lived here more years than 90% of the people telling Californians to go home), I am glad though that you mention hoover's as I haven't been there yet and that chocolate cream pie is definitely calling me and that smoked sausage has my mouth watering!

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                        You've lived in Austin that much and you've never been to Hoovers? wow. Personally, I thing Hoover's is also overpriced, but the flavors there are much more to my liking than BS. I've already made my views known about BS's food/atmosphere, so I won't beat a dead horse on that one.

                        1. re: amysuehere

                          Yeah, I was away for about fifteen years and have only been back for about three months. Austin has certainly sprouted up a lot of great places to eat. My wallet and waistline are suffering trying to catch up! : )

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                          No intention of igniting "class warfare", but I did find the juxtaposition of the menu options with the hipster and yuppie ethos, combined with the meager portion sizes, unappealing, for me. The place seems very sterile. Hoover's is far more inviting, I think, which is why I offered Hoover's as an alternative because it is a) better IMHO; b) larger, more tastey side options and c.) not nearly as snooty as when I've visited Blue Star. And meatloaf, done well, is far from boring. Get thee to Hoover's!

                            1. re: jackietreehorn

                              I guess I am interested in hearing what constitutes a hipster or yuppie ethos. When I think of hipster, I usually picture a little grungy with some attitude thrown in which doesn't seem to fit Blue Star and truthly, I don't even know what yuppy means anymore. Seems to me anybody discussing $10-12 meatloaf is a yuppie whether it be from Hoovers or Blue Star. It just seems like a generic pejorative. This interest obviously goes beyond this discussion of Blue Star, because frankly, everyone has their own tastes and that's cool. I am just curious about what makes people percieve certain places and things in these terms. On to your other points, I fully agree properly done meatloaf is lovely. I have to say I am shocked that the portion sizes are even larger at Hoover's! My number one complaint upon coming home to Texas is that restaurants give you way too much food! High end, low end, fancy or dive, I leave every meal with half my plate full or so stuffed I can't walk! I am no wilting flower either. I'm a big boy that likes his food, but I have put on fifteen pounds since moving back here. That being said, I can't wait to try Hoovers. What are your favorite items?

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                                I can speak knowledgably since I have been to both Hoover's a total of 3 times, twice to the east side and once to the west side. The two visits to the east side were surprisingly pleasing. The chicken fried was, imo, prepared like a CF should be and sides were tasty. The west side cat fish was disgustingly bland, , the sides, especially the beans had no taste, no flavor. It was so bad that I decided to never go back. Whatever it all means.

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                                  ya gotta get the garlic cheese grits and jalapeno cream spinach! and the wings are tasty too, spicy but more BBQ-y than Buffalo-y.

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                                    What I've found with Hoover's is that you have to just give up on any side that sounds healthy. That leaves cheesey creamy things that are good. Besides the portion sizes (I also get a full meal out of the leftovers), a CFS and two fatty sides are just too much. And you can't split plates without a $3 charge.

                            1. Haven't been in almost a year because my last experience there was so bad. The service was absolutely pathetic with a server that would disappear for ages, forget to bring things, messed up orders.... This list goes on. The food was fairly forgettable, so I have never thought of another reason to go back.

                              1. I went last week and had a great time. The grilled cheese is phenomenal and pairs well with the house red. Try it as an appetizer and share it because the pile o'cheese on it is very rich...too much so for me as an entree. Their house salad was tasty, too. I enjoyed the fried artichoke hearts paired with house made cesar dressing (billed as anchovy dipping sauce on the menu) but at least one was a bit overcooked. Still, it was good. It is pricier than our normal middle of the week meal out but I didn't mind. We'll be back. I'd say this is a once every two to three months spot instead of a standard fav or weekly "must go" to restaurant. Our waitress, Angela, was highly knowledgeable about each dish and was also very attentive. Service was excellent, because of her.

                                1. Blue Star totally bailed me out with their Chicken and Stars soup. Great comfort food.

                                  1. I enjoyed the house salad I had there. The meatloaf sandwich was too... soft and squishy for me, but others might like it. I was very much in the mood for meatloaf, but only ate a bit of it.

                                    The service was unusual.

                                    Biggest surprise:

                                    From the name, I was expecting blue as a theme in the interior. There are so many pretty plays on blue you could do w/ a restaurant interior, from a more formal deep blue/black/white theme ... to the more playful blue/orange/brown, etc.

                                    However, Blue Star's dominant interior color is a shade of pink. Yes, PINK.