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May 12, 2008 10:54 AM

Where can I buy a loaf of brioche in San Diego?

I'm trying to find a loaf of brioche to make a bread pudding recipe (May 08, Food & Wine), but haven't had any luck (at least not from Whole Foods or Bristol Farms). Any other suggestions so I don't have to keep running all over town looking for this?

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  1. I have seen it at Trader Joes in Encinitas

    1. For the best result I would spend the money for the best product, try Bread and Cie. If you can't get to their location I know their products are carried at many Vons locations, as well as Jonathans in La Jolla (maybe at Harvest Ranch as well since they are sister stores to Jonathans).

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        I agree.

        Trader Joe's brioche is probably not the best

        1. re: Enorah

          It's pretty good though. As much as I love Bread and Cie, I think Trader Joes probably would work just as well in the recipe. I'm also not sure Bread and Cie actually sells a plain brioche - I usually just see the raisin bread.

      2. I've seen at Henry's from time to time. Got a fantastic one from Bread and Cie once. If you can't find Brioche you could use Challah which is a bit more common and pretty similar.

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          Village Mill Bakery in Del Mar Highlands shopping center off El Camino Real, next to Barnes & Noble has amazing mini-brioche rolls, but call first to make sure. They are really delicious and would be great in that recipe.

          1. re: susan3733

            Oh I love Village Mill!

            Have you ever had their chocolate chocolate chip bread?

            I think they only make that one on Saturdays.

        2. I've seen it at the Trader Joe's in Point looks good, never tried it thought. But if it's for bread puddng you should be ok!

          1. I have used Trader Joe's brioche in bread pudding twice. It was excellent. I actually felt bad cutting up a whole loaf, but it turned out great (I made it with less eggs, and tried to cook it a bit crispy on the top. The bread is really buttery. I LOVE Bread & Cie, but I think I would just cry if I had to "waste" a whole loaf of their great bread on a pudding. The TJ's loaf was like $4.