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May 12, 2008 10:29 AM

Churrascaria Plataforma Prices?

A group of 8 of us (out of towners) are going to be visiting the city next weekend. I recently found Plataforma online and was wondering what the prices were like (since none are posted on their website...) and if anyone had good/bad experiences to share?

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  1. It's a long time since I was there so I don't know the current prices, but I did not find the food to be particularly interesting. It's quantity over quality.

    1. I believe the prix-fixe is now around $60, with drinks and desserts being extra (and they're expensive). As rrems said, it's more about quantity than quality, but it really can be a lot of fun, especially with a big group. If you make sure to pass on the cheap meats (they bring them around first - sausage, turkey, etc) and most of the salad bar options, you'll get your money's worth. It's not fine dining but it's fun, and if you have big guys with big appetites who love meat in your party, they will love it!

      1. If you are staying in the city for the weekend, I would seriously consider the short trip across the hudson to Newark if you are looking to hit up a churrascaria for rodizio. Everyone has their favorites but for half the price at a place like Seabras, Brasillia, Iberia etc you can get an equally delicious fill of meat.