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May 12, 2008 10:16 AM

Rice under $9 in GTA or Ajax/Pickering?

Scary ... I didn't believe it. No Frills and Food basics have empty shelves in Markham and Scarborough. Any one see rice under $9 in the GTA for the 8kgs bags? American or parboiled is fine for me! I guess I lost out on the hoarding, but maybe I can catch up with a few bags ..?

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  1. I've seen pointless panic buying at some NoFrills around Mississauga. Prices are up but what % of their total food budget goes for rice? Typically, the most aggressive were slinging cheap jasmine rice into carts already stuffed with pricey junk and prepared foods.

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      I noticed the same phenomenon at a No Frills the other day. Rice is up but there were two people just loading up on it like crazy. One had the rest of the cart jammed with Hot Pockets and pudding cups.