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May 12, 2008 10:15 AM

Lunch near Grand Central?

I need to find a spot for a business lunch near GCS and I'm drawing a complete blank! I'd like to find somewhere that's quiet enough where my associates and I can actually carry on a conversation. Nothing exceptionally pricey. Hope that is enough to go on... Appreciate any and all suggestions.


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  1. I've had nice business lunches at Pampano with their prix fixe menu - tables are well spaced so that you can talk.

    1. O'caseys on E. 41st Street. Good Pub/Bistro menu. Very nice and friendly atmosphere. The bar in front is active, but seating in rear and upstairs is reasonably quiet.

      1. i recently went to pera, it was good. there is also salmon river. my colleagues have been and liked it. it might be too much bar for you but public house has good food.

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          Pera is very good. I've never been impressed by Salmon River.

          I had a surprisingly nice lunch at Bryant Park Grille a few weeks ago. I was dreading having to go there and was totally surprised. I had the blackened catfish and a few colleagues got the steak frites and one had the soft shell crab which was a special. The desserts are just okay but the mains were pretty good. I also liked that when they serve ice tea they bring simple syrup instead of making you use sugar or Splenda.

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            I was at bryant park grille a few weeks back after work for drinks and apps, i wasn't impressed. it was ok but not great. service lacked a little bit. i will say for the location the food doesn't have to be great, i just remember it being better.

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              I've almost always had lackluster experiences at Bryant Park Grille so for this lunch I was really surprised.

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                maybe they have stepped it up a little. that would be good news.

                i enjoyed pera.

        2. Palm Too does a surprisingly good and well priced "businessman's lunch", if you're in the mood for steak. It's usually not terribly crowded and there's no music so you can actually have a conversation. I've turned a few people on to this and everyone has come back saying, "I didn't think you could eat that well in NYC for 20 bucks!

          If steakhouse is not your thing I would try DJango on 46th and Lex - it's a little bit more trendy and upscale but the food is solid for midtown lunch. They have a nice prix fixe that is reasonably priced and will get you out quickly if you give them your time constraints.

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            I'm from Canada and so have only an inkling of what I'm talkine about here...
            How about the Oyster Bar IN GSC? The atmosphere can be cafeteria-ish and loud, but the back salon is more reserved, and perhaps quieter.
            Its not overly pricey, but the menu is just seafood.

            1. re: porker

              Great idea . . . I love Grand Central Oyster bar. I am a big oyster fan and no one has a fresher or more broad variety. Their lobster pan roast, while rich, is always a real treat. And their menu is pretty extensive so most people can find something they like. The atmosphere I think it a lot of fun, kind of a time capsule of a bygone new york era.

          2. L'Impero is close, being in Tudor City, propped above 41st Street between 1st and 2d Ave. It is quiet, elegant, killer food (must try baby goat) and unknown to many. On a bright spring day the location is enchanting. It is pricey, but not exceptionally so. Tables are nicely spaced so you can do business there and not feel everyone is eavesdropping.