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May 12, 2008 10:05 AM

Shea Stadium Eats

I am heading to Shea Stadium tomorrow for the 7PM Mets game. Is there anything good to eat inside besides hot dogs and beer? I am wondering if I need to smuggle in semi-healthy and tasty sandwich to get me through the event (can you tell I am not a huge baseball fan?)

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  1. No need to smuggle. Mama's of Corona makes great sandwhiches. I generally get the Mama's special which is mixed italian meats, but you can also get a veggie/mozz sandwhich or the turkey one, all of which I've watched others enjoy. They are overpriced but really tasty. No other good food at shea.

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      I completely disagree. While we had high hopes when Mama's of Corona opened inside Shea, what they serve there is awful. The sandwiches are a greasy mess. They use so much oil it forms puddles in the paper wrapping, in addition to the gobs of it that will run down your arms as you try to eat the sandwich. Ugh.

      1. re: LNG212

        agree with the oil. I don't mind it. But I did just notice that this is on the Manhattan board--Cookiepuss you should repost on outer boroughs as Shea Stadium is in queens.

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          As far as the turkey and mozzarella sandwich is concerned you could not be more wrong. There is no oil/grease on that sandwich. It is sliced turkey, fresh mozz and bread. It comes with small containers of red pepper in a tiny bit of oil or a little container of gravy.You add the condiments if you want. I have been eating that sandwich for years and as of two weeks ago it was no different then the day they opened at Shea. Even when I add the peppers and gravy no puddles are created. It is a terrific sandwich, one that not only would I order outside of Shea but one I have in fact ordered on some of my visits to the original location in Corona. As for the mixed Italian, it is also a great sandwich. No puddles or mess. For the amount of food you get and the quality of the ingredients it is not overpriced. The sandwich is huge and delicious, it is my favorite New York ball park food. Get an order of Nathan's fries and a beer and sit back and enjoy.

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          I always go to Mama's of Corona when I go to games at Shea. The only problem with it is getting to it, if you want something other than a sandwhich. They have booths set up around the stadium for sandwiches, but if you wanttheir other stuff, you have to go the Field Level. Getting there can be tricky if you don't have a FL seat. You have to go to the Loge, near Gate B, and walk down ramps like you are headed toward the club shop. there is a small path that is set up just for people who want to go to Mama's from other levels. It was hard to find the first time, but worth the trip. I always get the antipasta, which comes in a very heavy plastic tin, with iceberg lettuce at the bottom covered in balsamic vinegar and oil and topped with olives, chunks of cheeses and a nice variety of meats and pickled veggies. It was $9.00 last year. They also have some nice desserts down there.

        3. You wouldn't have to "smuggle" in anything. It is perfectly acceptable to bring food into Shea; we do it all the time. In fact, we bring in our own bottled water as well (it has to be a new bottle that's unopened). We usually do this because we find the food to be quite lacking at Shea. (to Stuartlafonda: I never said Mama's was "overpriced"; we tried their sandwiches on several occasions and each time the amount of oil was overwhelming, which we did not like.)

          If you are interested in doing something outside of Shea, after last weekend's game, we took the 7 train to Woodside and had a fabulous meal at Sripraphai (I think I may be spelling it incorrectly). Fantastic food and only about 2 blocks off the subway.

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          1. re: LNG212

            Actually you are right, it was "Prdct" who wrote that it was overpriced. You described the sandwich as a "greasy mess", disagreed with the opinion that it was "really tasty" and finshed with the word "ugh", sorry if I wrongly assumed you thought that $9 was a fair price for what you got. I do agree that there is some great food to be had on the way to Shea.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              I am confused. Neither sandwich offered at the Shea booths contain oil, unless you ask for it, or add it yourself. They do come with peppers and/or mushrooms in a sealed container, and when you pour it on it could get messy, but I don't get how you classify the sandwiches as oily or greasy. In any event, i think their sandwiches are the best food item available at Shea and if you go for a dog, the jumbo dogs are the way to go.

              1. re: abu applesauce

                We tried them three times (but none in the last year). I got the mozz one (whichever is their non-meat choice) and DH always got the one with several Italian meats. All times we got them we were not given a choice -- they came with oil on them and there was a lot of it. Oh, and this was at the stand on the field level (we never got them from anywhere else). Perhaps more recently they have changed their methodology? I don't know. I can only describe what we had.

                Edited to add: if I had gotten the oil on the side, as you have, I think I would have liked the sandwich. I agree with stuartlafonda that the ingredients they use are good; the mozz itself was lovely. It was just that oil that killed it for us at the time.

                1. re: LNG212

                  I've had the turkey sandwich and it was not oily at all. In fact, I don't recall there being any oil on it. The condiments were on the side and I thought the sandwich was quite tasty. Definitely the best food at Shea. I got my sandwich at field level on the third base line.

                  1. re: LNG212

                    LNG212, sounds like you somehow got a raw deal, take my word it's not the norm. For a real treat, try to go to the deli before or after the game and get a fresh, warm, milky muzzi.

            2. Hey guy, wake up. When going to Shea or any other stadium you can only expect garbage at caviar prices. They have a captive audience and can serve any kind of crap. Either eat before or after you go or better yet smuggle in a sandwich, then all you do is get screwed when you buy something to drink..

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                Have you ever been to Shea? Have you ever had a Mama's sandwich? I assure you that by no standard is it garbage or crap, but thanks for adding such helpful advise to the discussion.

                1. re: Remag1234

                  Just make sure you order that cheap and fabulous hot cocoa to wash down that crappy, greasy Mama's sandwich.

                2. You definately do not need to smuggle food or drinks into shea. You can bring in just about any food and drink (no cans, glass bottles or alcohol). All of the staduim food is pricey, stop at your favorite deli on the way or make something at home. I went to a game just the other day and the big bag of peanuts that I brought in and paid about $2.00 for were a whole lot fresher the the ones i could have paid $5.00 for,

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                    Just bring stuff in a clear plastic bag. Should be no problem. Unopened clear water bottles if you want drinks (and I think drink boxes are OK too). You can't bring in anything larger than 16" x 16" x 8"