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May 12, 2008 09:46 AM

Eggs from grass-fed poultry?

I'm looking for a source for grass-fed eggs, the kind with the carrot-y yolks and wonderful texture like you get in Japan. The only place I've been able to find them is at Japanese markets, and they run about a buck a piece. But in this post-Omnivore's Dilemma world, I'm sure there has to be a farmers market booth or local foods store that is stocking these.

I just got back from Nevis and the local eggs there were brilliant because the chickens eat whatever they like and roam throughout the country. Got me thinking that there has to be place up here that still does this. Hopefully?

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  1. Chickens don't eat grass.
    The color of the yolk has to do with the freshness of the egg.

    There are many stalls at the various greenmarkets that have eggs, some are fresher than others. In this "post-Omnivore's Dilemma world" it pays to get to know your local market vendors.

    1. The color of the eggs also has to do with the chickens diet and the time of year. Chickens are not grass eaters ,but they do pick at worms and things that harbor in the grass. There are some excellent eggs in NY at the Greenmarkets. For the best eggs here it can be $8-10 a dozen. But it is so worth it! It makes me unable to stand grocery store eggs. The color of the eggs will generally be more yellow in the summer when the chickens have access to bugs and such, and more pale in the winter. Though the palest, real free range egg is miles brighter than your average, even organic, grocery egg. The integrity of the eggs is also much much better.

      1. Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm now sells their own field raised eggs at the Greenwich Farmers Market on Saturdays. I think they are $3.50 per 1/2 dozen. Great eggs.

        1. were those the eggs from Mansa's farmstand? My favorite Nevis breakfast is those scrambled eggs with the farm fresh tomatoes and avocado. Oh, my.

          I've been working my way through the various vendors at Union Square. Not the bright yellow, but the eggs are fresh and the yolk stand up so well.

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            They may have been from Mansa's - I know the Four Seasons there sources a lot of produce from him.

            On a side note - Mansa's is a fantastic place - I tried so many different fruits and had a wonderful time touring his property with him. It's definitely a highlight to any Nevis trip. His juices are fantastic, as well - the cucumber and ginger beer especially.

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