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May 12, 2008 09:33 AM

Restos at MCI airport?

Can anyone fill me in on what eating places are available in the Kansas City International Airport (airport abbv: MCI)? Any at all? It's been a while since I've been there, and I'm dropping off my son and a friend to take an international flight tonight. Trying to make a plan so they aren't starved when they reach their layover at LAX. Should I stop before I get to MCI to get something for them to take on the plane, or can I buy something for them at MCI? Thanks for any help today!

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  1. There are restaurants, it just depends what terminal you end up in as to what you will find there.
    I didn't eat there, but the food at Jose Cuervo's Tequileria looked decent when I was in there having a drink.
    I don' t think they allow you to bring any outside food or drink inside the gate and they only sell snack type stuff within the gates.

    1. having been to mci a million times, i must say the choices are limited. Like kctraci said, it depends what terminal you end up in as to the food choices. mci is one of the best airports i have been to simply in respect to layout. each terminal is one big half circle and the baggage claim is rght next your gate. However, there isnt much in the way of eating because of the small space. I cant say anything is on the level of a nice sit down. There is an arthur bryants but i have heard from several it just isnt that great. Honestly, i have never eaten at the airport execpt for starbucks. since i live five minutes away and its easier to go home than eat something, but if your hungry you might as well pick something up as the airport is kinda out in the middle of nowhere.

      1. Picking are SLIM at the airport. However, one of the best things about KCI is that you don't really have to be there 2 hours before your flight to get checked in and to the gate, especially if they are flying at a relatively dead time. I would get to the airport a few hours early, park in the terminal lot (first half-hour free), get the people and bags checked in. If there isn't some sort of horrible weather-related line, this shouldn't take more than a half-hour (at the outside). If still have ample time, I'd then go to Zona Rosa ( Lots of good restos there, and they are used to dealing with people trying to make flights.

        ETA -- OOPS! Just realized they are already in the air! Maybe this will help someone else.

        1. Bless your hearts! Unfortunately, my schedule wouldn't allow my checking this thread so close to departure time (one of these days, I will have Internet capabilities on the road!! I swear!). Your posts are completely correct. It all depends on your terminal (LAX is the same way, btw).

          We were in Term. A.... fortunately, the boys were totally OK with Quiznos, which is THE choice there. My goodness, y'all .. if you fly out of here in the evening, count on having the terminal almost to yourselves!! So.. the good news is, no line at the Quiznos. The bad news? They're out of stuff (like the salads). And the counter help are pretty lackadaisical. The boys decided to bag their subs and take them on the plane. My daughter and I (the drivers) got them to the security checkpoint and we ate in a waiting area outside there before waving goodbye. (Food was decent, although pretty pedestrian.)

          The Arthur Bryants appeared to be part of a bar .. ??? Not sure. But having seen some other posts about the airport AB's, I demurred. Besides, the boys said the subs would be fine.

          That having been said, I will also confirm that it's just too difficult to find someplace to eat or pick something up near the airport. It's just too isolated. Having flown out of there several times, I will affirm that it's great not having long security lines and a lot of hassle, but man... it's out there. So it's hard to find anywhere nearby where I didn't feel like we were risking missing the flight.

          I am now waiting to hear whether the boys have landed. My mom and dad are meeting them there, and plan to take them to some dim sum in Macau. So.. even if their Quiznos was horrible, about 26 hrs later, they will be eating some very awesome dim sum, and Mom and Dad will make sure the rest of their culinary travels will be wondermous.

          Thanks, all!