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May 12, 2008 08:54 AM

Help for Melbourne/Indiatlantic?

Hello all!

CH'er from LA here - I have to go to a wedding this weekend (pseudo business - sans spounse) in Indiatlantic Florida this coming weekend - I guess it's next to Melbourne?

I will be flying into Orlando and driving in on Saturday evening. The wedding is on Sunday night. Are there any great food options for Saturday night, later in the evening around 8:30pm or later? I will have a car and don't mind driving.

Also, any killer recommendations for breakfast/brunch/lunch on Sunday? High end terrificness would be great - price is not an object or issue, but it does not have to be expensive. Just terrific.

Lastly, can anyone recommend a great wine shop in the area? I'm looking for a place with a decent/large selection - preferably aged Bordeaux/Burgundy/Champagne if at all possible.

Am I asking too much? I'm willing to drive a bit to get the wine for the pre-ceremony lubrication.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. For Saturday dinner, you might want to try "Scott's on Fifth", on 5th Ave. near Rt. A1A. ( ).

    A few doors down on 5th, you'll find City Tropics. This a restaurant that also houses a wine shop. I'm not sure they carry what you're looking for, but the only other option out on the island will be a couple of ABC Wine & Liguor stores. They're a big chain operation.

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    1. Another suggestion for Indialantic is Island Fish, on 5th Ave near the beach. Can't really help you on a killer breakfast/lunch however. A lot of people go to the Blueberry Muffin in Indialantic on A1A, but I don"t think it is all that great. YMMV


      1. Regarding the wine (again)...

        Might want to start another trend looking for a good wine shop around Orlando airport?

        1. I have to say right off the bat I'm not a big fan of Scott's on Fifth, the food is merely good, nothing more, nothing less, and the one room is too small and just not too great a venue. Better off trying Djon's, in Melbourne Beach, or Continental Flambe in Downtown Melbourne. As for wine shops, your choices include the Green Turtle Market, on Eau Gallie Blvd. in beachside Melbourne, or Petty's on Babcock Street in mainland Melbourne. However I fear you may be disappointed, as neither of those stock a large amount of Bordeaux, or Burgundy, let alone aged. Just not too large a call for that in this area, sorry to say. And as always, my recommendation for breakfast, though a bit of a drive, is Simply Delicious in Cocoa Beach, my favorite breakfast haunt in Brevard County. But I hear the Crowne Plaza, which is on A1A in Melbourne, also does a good brunch, and this would be much closer to you. Might also consider The Dove Restaurant for brunch, they are located on A1A in Satellite Beach.

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            I'm actually staying at the Crowne Plaza, so that might be uber-convenient. I've heard about the Green Turtle Market from someone else. I will definitely check it out.