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May 12, 2008 08:22 AM

Manhattan in June (Yankee & Shea stadium too)

Hi all NY CHers! My hubbie and I are spending a few nights in your amazing city in June. We've been several times, as hubbie from North Jersey, and my fam from Long island. It has been awhile tho and I am hoping I can get some great suggestions. We like all cuisine really, sushi, chinese, italian, love seafood, big american breakfasts, burgers, thai, steaks, etc. We only dont need mexican as we are currently in San Antonio . Anything from small diners to high end. Also hoping to hit some good happy hours or Tapas places. Would love to hear your thoughts on the best bagels, esp those close to Central park.

We are staying at The Wellington, near Central Park, 55th and 7th. We are big walkers, and have no problem taking the subway and/or cab.

Saturday lunch and dinner, no plans yet.

Hoping for a big NYcity brunch on Sunday am.
My hubbie loves Bobby Flay, so we are going to check out Bar American on Sunday night.

Hoping for a bagel and coffee breakfast Monday am, close to the hotel preferable.
Lunch Monday at or near Yankee stadium (1pm game)
I managed to get reservations at Babbo for Monday night (yeah) at 10pm (oh well). So we were hoping to have a small "happy hour" meal earlier in the evening to hold us over.

Tuesday breakfast and lunch open, dinner near Shea stadium (8pm game)

Home on Weds :(


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  1. That's a lot of cuisines...What's your favorite among there? What is your maximum price point for two? Any specific features (great wine list, tasting menus, favorite dishes, atmosphere)?

    Big Sunday brunch: Prune (no reservations, long waits), Clinton St Baking Co (no reservations, long waits), Five Points (they take reservations, book earlier rather than later), Balthazar (ditto, a little more expensive than others), Blue Ribbon Bakery (no reservations but the wait isn't as bad as other places), Jane (they take reservations, are pretty popular, too -- the same owners also do The Smith and The Neptune Room BTW, very similar menus at all for brunch), Stanton Social (small plates, more expensive than others)...

    Best brunches in NY:

    Pre-Babbo you could go to Alta (tapas).

    For the Yankees and Mets games, you need to post on the Outer Boroughs boards.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I would love a great sushi and or seafood rec and happy hour places. Than anything that just screams NY, eat here, dont miss this place! Since we are dining at Babbo, I would prefer moderate price ranges ($20-30 entrees max), but if its worth the splurge, you only live once, lol!

      Thanks for the Tapas and brunch recs (do you lean towards one of them in particular?!)

      1. re: jme1beachbum

        Splurge sushi: Sushi Yasuda. There are even more expensive places in town but it's been rated well in terms of bang for the buck.

        Less fancy: Ushiwakamaru. Kanoyama. 15 East. Shimizu.

        Great seafood spots might be Esca (Batali spot, $$$, Italian bent), Aquagrill (great esp. if you're big on oysters), Tides, Pearl's Oyster Bar (lobster roll central), Blue Ribbon or Balthazar (seafood towers).

        For any of these, it really depends on what you like to eat (specific dishes) and the atmosphere/feel you're going for. And whether or not you're willing to wait in line for the no reservations spots.

    2. You've got some good suggestions below for your other meals (you might trek up to Barney Greengrass on the UWS for your bagel if you're into smoked fish). I don't know Yankee Stadium that well, but I will warn you that I'm pretty sure there's no place to eat "near" Shea Stadium that's not within the stadium.

      You might post on the Outer Borough boards to get some recommendations for getting Chinese in Flushing and then going to the stadium, but you'll need to time that carefully if you want to see the first pitch. (Chinatown in Flushing is supposed to be much more authentic than in Manhattan.)

      For seafood, you could try to get into Pearl Oyster Bar or Mary's Fish Camp (no reservations at either, though Mary's will call your cell phone when your table is ready.) Search the boards for specifics.