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May 12, 2008 08:19 AM


Where can you find the best Mole in the city? Anyone have suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I went to Tacqueria Coatzinga(o?) on Saturday at the advice of many on this board. It had a huge menu with some nice looking moles. I didn't have it, but my neighbor did and it looked great. I was there for breakfast so I stuck with the huevos y chorizo. It was excellent. If you want to see a menu and you Google it, you can pretty much add $2.00 to every item listed on the bridgeandtunnelclub post. I don't know when they raised prices but it was more expensive than I was expecting. $12.00 for the egg dish, coffee, o.j., and a tip. It's located close to the Roosevelt station in JH on Roosevelt Ave and 75th/76th.

    1. I recently went to De Mole in Sunnyside for the first time and was really impressed. I am not a mole expert but my skirt steak with corn tortillas and mole was superb.

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        i goto TC for breakfast once a week and the eggs y chorizo is 6.50 i know they use tropicna juice boxes so they are prob 2$ and coffee is 1.50 i believe. 2$ tip and your at 12 hehe

      2. What kind of mole? Mole Poblano? Pipian? Verde? With what? Pavo, pollo, costillos? Any decent Puebla/Guerrero/Oaxaca taqueria is going to have different mole specials every day. Have fun.

        1. "Mole" means sauce in Spanish, especially Mexican Spanish. I assume you mean mole poblano, probably the most popular mole - the dark brown one with chocolate, lots of spices, chiles... Since so many Mexican immigrants in NY are from Puebla, where this originates, you'll find many restaurants serving this kind.

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   what about the suggested restaurants? Several posts have been made to define the culturally appropriate way to understand this, but where do we get the good stuff? That's all I want to hear.

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              Take the big orange boat to SI, walk to 104 Victory...La Mixteca Poblano... usually two different mole specials every day. But like I said, ANY decent taqueria will usually have mole specials... look for grills in the back of Mexican stores/delis.

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                Definition of mole for those who want to know where to get the good stuff: a rich and flavorful Mexican sauce unlike anything you'll find anywhere else on earth. For that I'd cast a vote for Coatzingo. (Their mole pipian, though, isn't as good as other sauces, for that go to Tulcingo in Manhattan, though someone said they have declined. I like Coatzingo's Mole Poblano but maybe if I could taste the best Mole Poblano in Mexico I'd say Coatzingo's is far inferior. )

                Moles vary from region to region. I've always heard the best are from Oaxaca. They have seven famous moles and probably a lot more. But when I wrote that on the General board, someone in Mexico responded, you think Oaxaca is the best cause you don't know what's going on in other regions -- and proceeded to list about 20 yummy-souonding sauces I'd never heard of. But all these, including Oaxaca, are not available in NYC. Just about everyone comes from Puebla (unless that Sunset Park restaurant reviewed by Sietsema has reopened). But Puebla is famous for its moles.

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                  Look this is family stuff and is handed down. At La Mixteca Poblano, Eugenia from Puebla does her own thing and little Ana from Oaxaca does hers and when asked, they both say they learned from their abuelas. BTW, Tulcingo has it's own vibe that is different from the rest of Puebla. Great topic, this is why I tell friends back west that NYC has great Mexican food but you gotta eat what the obreros are chowing on and it sure ain't burros or chimichangas.

            2. Thank you. I am going to go to one of these for my wife's birthday. I have always wanted to get the kinds of moles I had in Mexico, but could never find here. That was 30 years ago, and all the details are lost. I just want the food now. I am impatient, and hungry, but very picky.