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May 12, 2008 08:19 AM

New Summer Insider PC Products. Comments?

Has anyone tried them? What are they like? I haven't, but the Korean BBQ and Piri Piri sauce looked interesting.

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  1. I tried the boneless beef rib meat, shrink wrapped, and it was good, very convenient, at an attractive price. But it does not taste as good as real beef ribs, cut to order, a somewhat lower price, at Soon Lee.

    1. Bought the Piri Piri but haven't tried it yet.

      The skinny whole wheat burger buns are great, tasty and dense, but need to be toasted first to crisp up the outside.

      The diet lychee pop (can't recall if this is a new product or not) is good tasting, but too sweet and needs to be cut by 50% with soda water. (which is on sale for 3 bucks for 12 cans)

      OT: The East Mall store needs a new produce manager since the current one thinks that poblanos are giant jalapenos.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        I am loving the new lychee pop! We just bought a case of the diet and haven't found it too sweet.

        We also got the Korean BBQ sauce and did up our own version of Korean BBQ yesterday. We bought some thinly sliced beef and lamb from our local Chinese grocery store. Tossed them on our Cuisinart grill and it was delicious! I even picked up some kimchee, pickled radish, bean sprouts and macaroni salad to round out the meal.

        We've been buying the pineapple juice for a few months now...big fan of that.

        They were samping the new ice cream flavour - Chocolate Almond Bark - which was tasty.

        The creme caramel looks very good so if anybody tries that, please report back.

        1. re: LovesToEat

          Those hamburger buns are great. Great for sandwich making too. The hot dog buns are new this year.

          Good to hear about the Korean BBQ. I'm curious about the Piri-Piri because the colour doesn't look like the stuff you get at one of the portuguese chicken places.

          Although it's not new, it's in this insider report, the Dulce de Leche is pretty good. Other than eating it from a spoon, I haven't found any other applications, though. No complaints.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            This isn't PC-specific, but I've long been a fan of slathering dulce de leche on fruit (apples or pears are particularly good), toast, or a graham cracker or Maria cookie. But more often than not, I also consume it straight from the spoon. Pretty much anything you would do with Nutella also works quite well with dulce de leche...

      2. Chocolate Almond Bark ice cream is killer. Korean ribs I saw were badly freezer-burnt. Better available fresh from Korean joints like PAT. Korean-style sauce is OK.

        1. We tried the creme caramel and liked it. The caramel has that burnt sugar taste to it, so my kids weren't terribly fond of it. Maybe it's the kid in me, but I always enjoy hearing a slurpy plop hit the plate when it slides out, much like jellied cranberry sauce!