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Brimfield Antiques Show

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Having attended in the past I've come up short on finding any quality food. Can you suggest any "good eats" in the area. Type, price are not an issue only a memorable meal is requested. We are coming from CT.



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  1. Haven't been there but my sister-in-law gave good reviews to Rovezzi's. They have a website-www.rovezzis.com. Good luck and hope you find some treasures!

    1. What, no pilgrim sandwich or chicken cruiser? After walking miles in the sun, I'm usually too spent and grubby for a real restaurant....Maybe I do Brimfield wrong!

      1. We got so frustrated by the lack of good food in the area at a reasonable price that we started packing a picnic lunch. Now we pay for a spot under a shade tree (if you ask nice they usually don't object). After a few years, we now bring the portable gas grill and I have great fun planning out the meal and cooking on site. Having a good sit down in the middle of the day makes for a more enjoyable experience. A little pasta salad, some grilled asparagus and a spatchcocked cornish game hen with a bit of zesty lime marinade makes for a great mid day meal and a bit of rest in the shade. Have fun and find those treasures!