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May 12, 2008 07:32 AM

Brimfield Antiques Show

Having attended in the past I've come up short on finding any quality food. Can you suggest any "good eats" in the area. Type, price are not an issue only a memorable meal is requested. We are coming from CT.



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  1. Haven't been there but my sister-in-law gave good reviews to Rovezzi's. They have a Good luck and hope you find some treasures!

    1. What, no pilgrim sandwich or chicken cruiser? After walking miles in the sun, I'm usually too spent and grubby for a real restaurant....Maybe I do Brimfield wrong!

      1. We got so frustrated by the lack of good food in the area at a reasonable price that we started packing a picnic lunch. Now we pay for a spot under a shade tree (if you ask nice they usually don't object). After a few years, we now bring the portable gas grill and I have great fun planning out the meal and cooking on site. Having a good sit down in the middle of the day makes for a more enjoyable experience. A little pasta salad, some grilled asparagus and a spatchcocked cornish game hen with a bit of zesty lime marinade makes for a great mid day meal and a bit of rest in the shade. Have fun and find those treasures!