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Bucks County trip

I'll be staying in New Hope for a few days in early June. Would appreciate any suggestions for good dinners and lunches. Open to any cuisine, but certainly interested in any off-the-beaten path suggestions.

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  1. I've posted about the Carversville General Store before. It's a little general store at the end of one of Bucks County's prettiest roads (Fleecydale Rd.). It has great sandwiches, New York newspapers, La Colombe coffee, a good cheese selection, a few meats to go with the cheeses, etc. Take 32 North out of New Hope for a few miles, left on Fleecydale, enjoy the view and the houses for a few miles, and at the end of the road, the General Store will be on your left. Finally, exhale and relax, you're in Bucks County....
    For dinner, I've never been, but further up Rt. 32 I think I remeber hearing some good things about Evermay on the Delaware. Probably pretty formal.

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      Carversville Inn.. is a wonderful destination, and I wholeheartedly endorse it. I would caution going any further north of Dilly's Corners currently due to the road being out and construction going on. Keep South to the New Hope area, or cross the river at Stockton. There you will find the Stockton Inn, Miel's and if you go further north, Frenchtown Inn in Frenchtown and Ship Inn on the Jersey Side. Further South as was mentioned there are wondreful choices in both New Hope and Lambertville. I am biased AGAINST Havana, which I think is over priced and does not deliver value. Triumph has good beer and ok food. Siam is ok, but I would head up 29 a bit to Thai Thida which has a better menu. Siam Thai is the same as the one in Newtown and Buckingham and Center City (and Doylestown Fusion restaurant). It is good not great. I would suggest Thai Thida over Siam.

      In Lamberville I swear by Antons at the Swann.. try the sweetbreads there. Great food.. better value to be had at the bar.

      49 North Main Lamberville for some innovative cooking.

      Cafe Galleria in Lambertville for cooking with heart, wonderful vegan and vegetarian cooking

    2. In New Hope itself there are a ton of options. Lots of restaurants with outdoor seating along Main St (Havana Restaurant, etc). Triumph Brewery is pretty good for a nice microbrew and dinner. And Dilly's corner makes great burgers and unique milkshakes - it's a few miles north of New Hope on River Road.

      I actually like some of the restaurants just across the river (a short walk across the bridge) in Lambertville, NJ. Siam Thai Restaurant had great Thai food. Lilly's on the canal is also good for lunch or dinner, and Tortuga's Mexican Village is down a little street, but it has great mexican food.

      1. Romantic would be Hotel du Village or Phillips Mill in New Hope, A fun bar is at the Stockton Inn, the garden bar is open, they usually have entertainment, a local bar and beautiful. Evermay is closed as is 49 North Main it is now a Mexican Restaurant. New Hope is lacking good restaurants but Marcellas North the old Martines is hit or miss but charming. Martines is a nice place to have lunch. You could always have a nice picinic on the river. Bon Appetit

        1. For lunch, you might consider the patio garden at the Mansion Inn. At The Landing, you can eat at a table right on the river if the weather is nice. After lunch, walk around town, then stop at Mother's for dessert and cappucino (haven't been to Mother's in a couple of years--hope this is still a good idea). Havana, Karla's, and Triumph Brewery are also good for lunch. Dinner depends on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. I can second Antons at the Swan in Lambertville as well as Hotel du Village.

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            Anytime I am in New Hope, I always go to The Hotel Du Village. The food is always amazing and owner/hostess Barbara is one of the nicest people in the world. They have some great wine and you can always stay over night. I hope this helps.

          2. Right across the bridge in Lambertville has some great options...Full Moon for amazing omelettes, Inn of the Hawk or Lilly's on the Canal for lunch, Boathouse for drinks before dinner (this is a must if you like eclectic, they also have a nice outdoor area), Manon for dinner (french byo), Left Bank Libations (in Lambertville House) for after dinner drinks on the porch. Carversville is quite good but there are so many options closer that I might not bother with the drive. Must have a drink at Marsha Browns. Only stay for dinner if you really like seafood. Phillips Mill is very cozy and romantic (also a byo with some french influence). Hamilton's has a nice outdoor area and it's a very fun atmosphere. I'm not a huge fan of the food, but everyone else raves about it. Don't hit Havana's, Logan Inn or Karla's - tourist traps.

            1. For drinks, check out the Boathouse in Lambertville. It's pretty unique- right next to Hamilton Grill Room. Probably 15 seats total, no food. It feels like one of your neighbors turned their garage into a bar. Pretty neat.

              1. If you have a car, or don't mind a long walk, the best off-the-beaten path place is Bell's Tavern in Lambertville NJ, just across the river from New Hope. It is a hole-in-the-wall tavern with a dining room in the back, with great food at very reasonable prices. It is just far enough from town to avoid the tourists, but the locals keep it hopping on the weekends. Pastas are great, some unusual fare, and always some salads and specials on the blackboard menu.
                In general, the food and prices are better outside the main tourist streets of New Hope and Lambertville. La Bonne Auberge, Inn at Phillips Mill and Carversville Inn are our favorite places for fine dining with the Bucks County charm.

                1. You've got some excellent suggestions above, but let me put in my 2 cents:

                  --Lambertville: Hamilton's Grill Room remains an outstanding choice, even after all of these years. A bit pricey, but you can be sure you're going to get good quality food, well prepared, particularly if Mark is manning the grill.

                  --Buckingham: ex-Hamilton's Grill Room associate chef Marc Brown-Gold opened his own place, modeled after the Grill Room, in nearby Buckingham. Called "Just Eat" it features prix-fixe early bird menus and fine grilled fish and meats. Like Hamilton's, it is BYO.
                  Like Hamilton's, the prices have increased recently.

                  --Also in Buckingham (actually Lahaska), is Villagio, an unusually good Italian trattoria. Also BYO, prices are quite reasonable. Most dishes can be ordered as "for one" or "for two" making sharing at a table a possibility. We like the Rigatone Siciliano, which might not be on the menu, but will be prepared upon request. The only drawback is that Villagio can get a bit noisy.

                  --In Doylestown, Ooka is really fine Japanese. Sushi specials are creative and fresh. Skip the hibachi room...you've seen the show elsewhere, and opt for the sushi room.

                  --My comments on the Inn at Phillips Mill: I've been eating there for 25 years and it feels as if it really hasn't changed much in all those years. Entirely passable food, it's the so-called "romantic" setting that seems to be the draw here. I am always uncomfortable when a dish is described as being "finished with..." something. There's also occasionally this annoying singer who goes from room to room singing Edith Piaf and other French favorites in her falsetto. Despite all this, we go back twice a year. It's comfort food.

                  --The Italian joint near the bridge in Stockton recently changed owners, names and menus (it's now called Via Ponte...Bridge St....isn't that clever). I've heard good reviews.

                  --I always liked Cafe Marcella south of New Hope. I haven't been to Marcella Nord, but I hear the menu is similar and the chef (from Liguria) is the same. That's promising.

                  --Finally, I like the Summer House, in Penn's Plaza, just ten or fifteen minutes out of New Hope. Request an outdoor seat in nice weather and, you guessed it, BYO. The chef is, apparently, Cuban and Jewish, so expect some nice surprises.

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                    The last one Famdoc mentions is actually the Summer Kitchen, in Penn's Park in Wrightstown Twp. I second the outdoor seating recommendation. Their desserts are great there, too. Great bread pudding.

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                      Thanks for the correction. I think the Summer Kitchen is one of those unsung quality joints in Bucks County. I would hate to think I sent the OP on a wild goose chase by giving the wrong name of the restaurant and the wrong town.

                  2. If you get down to Yardley, the Yardley Inn on the river is very nice, with some outdoor seating and daily specials, including half price bottles of wine on Monday, and the town is very pleasant, but not as touristy as New Hope. I don't know if the half price wine is only in the bar area or not. Many people swear by Charcoal Steak's 'N Things, although I haven't tried it since it reopened, and it is known for great views.

                    1. Forgot to mention in Lower Makefield, a new Indian restaurant, Indian Garden, in the Giant shopping center off Heacock and Stony Hill. Very good, and buffet at lunch if you prefer something really quick. They seem to have gotten the small kinks out since opening in December. BYOB there. It is getting popular, so you may want to make a reservation at weekend dinner times.

                      1. Not sure what is considered "Off" the beaten path is there but I like Cafe Galleria, Full Moon and Lilly's in Lambertville then Mothers's and John & Peter's in New Hope. And if you want to take a drive go to The Ship Inn in Milford, NJ!
                        Also heard Martine's, also NH is good but never tried it.

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                          Cafe Galleria, in Lahaska, has gone through a change in ownership and some changes in menu. Pizzas and sandwiches are very good. Villagio is 50 yards away and is much better than Cafe Galleria.

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                            The poster was referring to the Cafe Galleria in Lambertville not Peddlar's Village. It remains a wonderful, off beat, veggie friendly good food place. It is across from the public library in Lambertville. The outpost in Lahaska has indeed gone down hill. (Full disclosure I know the owners of the place in Lambertville.. )

                        2. I'd like to add one more Bucks County recommendation: Via Ponte in Stockton, NJ, right across the Center Bridge from New Hope, a few miles north of Lambertville. Excellent wood-oven pizzas and Italian with a Sicilian accent. Chef and his partner are personable and hard-working.
                          BYO a +.