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May 12, 2008 07:29 AM

8-piece tri-ply set, $120. Too good to be true?

8-piece Tramontina tri-ply clad stainless steel cookware set at Amazon $119.98.

Is it a trick? Is it just the base that's tri-ply?

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  1. It's not a bad set, but the sizes aren't that great. The stockpot is only 5 qts. and the 8" skillet and 1 qt. saucepan aren't very useful pieces. You would have to add several other pieces to have a truly useful set.

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    1. re: blondelle

      Yes, you're right. I just need buy individual items that I actually need.

    2. I have several Tramontina Tri-ply pieces and they are very nice. The construction is truly clad and not just a disk on the bottom. They perform extremely well on my gas range and clean up nicely. The handles are comfortable and the handles on the stock pot are easy to use with oven mitts. I highly recommend their products. Just so you know, I have pieces from many different lines of cookware, with Calphalon Commercial/Profression hard anodized being the most prominent.

      You could easily pick up this set, use the 5 qt stock pot for pasta and supplement with a nice 12" saute pan and some other stock pot as needed. You don't indicate your level of cooking but it's a good start for someone on a budget who wants decent cookware. While the 8" frying pan and 1 qt sauce pan are not very useful, they are nice to have hanging around.

      When I clicked on the link, the price was $149.99 plus 9.98 shipping. Not quite the bargain, IMO. If the price were as stated in your original post with no shipping, it would be a better deal. You used to be able to get it through WalMart's web site and have it delivered to the store for the same price (~$120).

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      1. re: Dee S

        The price went up $30 since this morning, Dee! And, what's this, looks like the same thing, on Amazon, but $300!

      2. I just bought my mom an 8-piece "tri-ply" stainless steel cookware set for Mother's Day, which was on sale the week before M-day for $99, half the regular price. The quality was great. Looks very similar to the Tramontina on Amazon except that it came with a covered skilled instead of the 2 frying pans. It was Kenmore brand.

        I found some reviews online that compared it very favorably to All Clad. Here's a review that shows a picture of the set. Only problem,,,I just went back to the Sears site to try to find it and it's not there!

        I was hoping to buy myself a set.

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        1. re: JanRan

          That's my review over on that forum! I still love the cookware and am so glad to have bought it. Keep checking I will probably show up again, it disappeared for a while shortly after I ordered it.

          1. re: bakeman

            I fear that set may be discontinued. It hasn't been on for a while, and when I went to a bricks-and-mortar Sears today, it was listed as being on clearance. I went ahead and bought the set, on the off chance that it's really on the way out for good -- I've heard such good things about it.

          2. re: JanRan

            That Sears set would have been great, a much better set for me than the briefly advertised $120 Amazon set, because I didn't want the frying pans, I like my cast iron frying pans. Too bad it's either out of stock or discontinued.

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              is that the one? i know it was just added recently but im looking for a good set for the girlfriends aging nonstick set thats peeling.


              1. re: fhonmymind

                That is not the same set, it is a much cheaper construction, with only the aluminum disk on the bottom.

              2. If it is the set I think it is, it doesn't have a 12 inch skillet or saute pan with lid so you will still need to get those. Tramontina is pretty good especially for a starter set. We can't all buy a $700 all clad set! I do think a 12 inch skillet and a 3 qt (12 inch) saute pan with a lid is necessary.