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May 12, 2008 07:28 AM

Steakhouse in York Region / North Toronto

Can anyone recommend a good high-end steakhouse in the sourthern portion of York Region or North Toronto? I have been to the Octagon a few times and do not want to go back there. Any other suggestions?

Edit: I should have mentioned that I have seen this thread:
but am looking for more suggestions.

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  1. La Reserve? Not a steakhouse but they seem to boast that they put out a darn good steak. I haven't dined there to verify.

    1. The School - just North of Steeles on 14th Avenue East of Warden

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      1. re: JesseJensen

        I haven't eaten there but Eddy's, next door to Terra is supposed to be good, I think.

        1. re: fleisch

          Eddy's is more in line with Seniors than a high end steakhouse.

        2. re: JesseJensen

          Thanks. After looking at few places online, I decided to try the school.

        3. I haven't been myself, but a good friend always talks very positively about Peter's on Hwy 7 in's been there a LONG time...

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            Peter's is still pretty good and your right about 30ish years... School has a little more character.