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May 12, 2008 07:19 AM

Lunch tomorrow - Sushiden or Sushiann

I've been to both but am not sure I have a clear distinction between the two in my mind. Any other Hounds with more experience or opinion in this regard? It's a business lunch, but more of an informal one so as long as service is adequate that would be fine.

If it's Sushiden, is there a preference between the E 49th and W 49th locations? Both are equally convenient for me.

Finally, is Sushiann slightly pricier?

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  1. they're about the same price and they're both good and they're both fairly business-y

    that said i like sushi ann alot, i have eaten there enough to the point that they know me as soon i walk in. i think its one of the most underrated sushi places in NY. That said I think there is a large difference (probably more so than usual) between eating at the sushi bar vs at a table (highly recommend eating at the sushi bar). The omakase is the perfect amt of food fyi.

    for sushiden, both branches are good, but its been a long time since to the w 49th st branch