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May 12, 2008 07:08 AM

One blow-out night in Milan

Wish we had more, but we don't. So where should we eat to make Milan as memorable as that one night in Bruges a few months back where we had the tasting menu at De Karmeliet.

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  1. Since I did not like De Karmeliet, I am not sure that my restaurant suggestion will be appropriate...but my favourite restaurant in Milan is the 2* Cracco Peck.
    Very different cooking styles, and in my opinion a much better balance of food.
    At De Karmeliet two people must share the same tasting menu.
    The Chef if he is there never leaves the kitchen..
    The servers never smile.
    I find the courses too heavy, and unbalanced.
    Must admit that the Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup was outstanding.
    Chef Cracco is very flexible, and you can choose any combination.
    I have been t Cracco Peck 3 times in the past year and a half, and the last time, my husband had the tasting menu, and I ordered individually.
    They even brought little "tastes" for me to fill in his multiple courses.
    My baby lamb was memorable..
    A first time visit is an adventure, as Chef is famous for his edible paper.
    You are never rushed, and if you smile at the servers, they relax, and it is a wonderful, very long evening.