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May 12, 2008 06:25 AM

Roadtrip from MPLS to Door County, WI

I'm going on a roadtrip from Minneapolis to Door County Wisconsin. Would anyone have any recommendations? I'm a sucker for ethnic foods or anything unique and my mom loves hamburgers from casual, family owned places. No chains please. Also, we don't plan on eating at any fine dining establishments. Thank so much!

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  1. I travel this route occasionally too to visit family. So I am interested in any recommendations as well. I suspect there are some good options off highway 29 in some of the small towns.

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      Not a restaurant, but Nueske's just E of Wittenberg on Old 29 has smoked meats, slab bacon, pork chops, brats, etc. along with a whole array of snacks and specialty items.

      In Abbotsford, there's The Abby Cafe for good old fashioned food......I haven't been past there however since 29 became 4 lane

      1. re: DaKing

        Thanks for the suggestions! We ate at the Abby Cafe on the way there and thought it was so good, we ate there on the way back! The grilled cheddar, bacon and apple sandwich was amazing. And they had long, crispy, think sweet potato fries. My Rachel sandwich had homemade roasted turkey!