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May 12, 2008 06:19 AM

Deep Ellum/Blue Ribbon (5/9/08)

i was able to get to Deep Ellum last friday in the later afternoon. i'm really starting to venture away from the (outstanding) beers here to explore their Cocktail menu. i started with a very nice Colorado Whiskey (straight up, rocks on the side, beer back) and then a Louisiana Manhattan (there are 6(!) different types on the menu) and all were served properly and according to requested serving style. service was prompt friendly and Fun.

i did also hear, and get a chance to see, the new deck that is being installed out back. i think it's going to have about 50 seats and they will be expanding the kitchen to accommodate the extra covers. i'm very excited to see how it comes out and enjoy some outdoor drinking this summer.

Bllue Ribbon has become my go-to second stop after DE lately and i love getting there early before the rush comes. had a half rack of Memphis ribs which were very meaty and moist with a prominent smoke line that was absent on my last visit. they were Excellent. for sides i had their Stellar Greens and Slaw. the cornbread was nothing to write home about but it was a good conveyance for the pot likker from the greens.

i'll be back, to both places, soon.

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  1. Where's Blue Ribbon...and could you give some more info on the food/drinks. Thanks!

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      well i've never eaten at Deep Ellum, i started going here as a place to get a nice drink before going to Gitlo's. but the cocktails are all Top Notch, a lot of Olde School classics done with impeccable ingredients (some house-made) all served with genuine passion and understanding of The Drinking Man.

      this link should help answer your Blue Ribbon questions:

    2. I dropped by Deep Ellum recently for a cocktail -- I love the fact that a serious beer bar does proper cocktails -- and was pleased to see that Max is training his crew well. I got a very well-made Sazerac from a young bartender I hadn't seen in there before. Sorry I couldn't stay to try the food; it's been a while since I've eaten there.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        right there with ya on the level of staff training. i was watching one of the regular bartenders training a new girl and was very impressed when not only did she explain to her how i wanted my particular drink made but Why i was asking for it that way.

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          I was there one day, early enough for it still to be brunch time, and watched as a slew of their own bartenders sat at one end of the bar tasting various scotches and things, notebooks in hand. They were having fun but they were clearly focused on the task at hand.

      2. I assume you are talking about the newton location of BR? I haven't been a fan of the ribs there - they cut the tips off and everytime I've tried them there, they have been overcooked, mushy or dry, and no noticeable smoke flavor. Usually prefer the ribs at the Arlington location, but lately hasn't been all that great there either - no smoke flavor in the ribs or pulled pork - they used to be almost too smoky.

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        1. re: LStaff

          nope. Arlington (as the link i posted shows). never had any of the problems you cite in your post. but then again, i've only been there four times in the past three months.

          i had the "where's the smoke?" experience there (Arlington) on my first visit, but the last visits have been Very Good, nice smoke line in the meat.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            Good, hopefully its back to normal or maybe I just didn't hit it right. Last 3 visits in the last month or two have not been as good as past visits.

        2. They are planning to use the prep kitchen in the basement to turn out cold appetizers like salumi and cheese plates and to of course, prep stuff for the kitchen upstairs. It's going to be a masterpiece of granite and steel according to one of the owners.