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May 12, 2008 06:19 AM

Friday Graduation Meal-Haven't Made Reservations yet!

My sister is graduating from GW law school this weekend, and I am coming down from New York to celebrate. We want to take my parents and grandparents out to eat (a total of 9 people) but haven't made reservations yet! Any suggestions for a good restaurant to try to get into this late? I have no idea what the dining scene is like in D.C. I do know that my sister lives near dupont circle, if that helps. We would probably want to keep it on the relatively affordable side as my parents will probably insist on paying for everyone, so around 20-30 dollar entrees would be ideal.

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  1. you might be able to get a spot at hudson or firefly - both reasonable, somewhat casual, and get good reviews.

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    1. You might have a tough time getting a reservation for a group that large but you might want to give a call to Sette Osteria, Acadiana, Firefly, Ardeo, Spices, Hudson, Bistro Bis, Mai Thai, Cafe Atlantico, PS7, or the new Cordoroy to see if there are any reservations available for a group that size. These range in price, size, and cuisine but you can find info on all of them on the board and on their websites online.

      1. What time is graduation can you do it earlier? My suggestion is to look on at what is available then search those on here, Bombay Club has an opening, it is upscale Indian, but a group this size may not be cool with that. Spezie is really good Italian but may be above the price range. Station 9 has an opening, but is far from your location. Perhaps try some places not on their too like Mark and Orlando's, or Acadiana which doesn't book large parties online, Corduroy, Old Ebbitt's. Chef Geoff's looks they have an opening, it isn't stellar food, but it isn't bad. Good luck.

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            sesto senso isnt very good. id skip that

            1. re: MarcDC

              Go to Sette Osteria instead. You will have to call for a reservation.

              Plus, even if a reservation looks unavailable on OpenTable, I would try calling that restaurant anyway. Most restaurants either don't allow large groups to make a reservation online or keep a few tables available for those calling to make reservations.

              1. re: MarcDC

                Thanks for your feedback, because I haven't been there but it was the only one avaiable for 9 under dupont. And now we know why.

            2. While I'm not a fan of the fact it's in a hotel; 15Ria is a great spot for dinner- solid menu, creative pairings, and a decent wine list. Not to mention, close to Dupont (15th and Rhode Island - hence, the name).