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May 12, 2008 06:18 AM

Buffalo to TO: Anything Chowish?

Dear Toronto Hounds:
I'm visiting my ancestral home and need to fly into Buffalo and rent a car to make the finances work. Is there anything delish along the way including slight detours? I'm open to anything but particularly like mom and pop ethnic and have posted on this site before about the wonderful ethnic restaurants found in strip malls in GTA. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Depends on when you're travelling, but there is a nice little winery in Jordan, ON. called Featherstone winery (.ca) and they serve light snacks to compliment their wine on the porch of their 1830's farmhouse. Very cool. It may only be on weekends, though.

    1. In Buffalo--Spot Coffee, Global Market (for soup and sandwiches), Lexington Co-op (try the local White Cow yogurt, custard, and drinks)

      1. I'll be traveling Friday and Monday May 23-26 so i'll miss the weekend activities at Featherstone. I was hoping for truckstops off the highway or near Buffalo airport. I know of some places near Pearson (very good South Indian) but not familiar with the Buffalo to Toronto driving route.

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          It's a very pretty route though a little boring re: chow, unless your willing to venture inland into hamilton/mississauga/niagara etc., which would take you off your route considerably. How far are you willing to detour? In not far, you may just want to wait for the strips malls near Pearson.

          One thought is that the niagara college dining room is open for lunch most days (except monday) and that is right by the highway just before the St. Catherines Skyway, only a 5 minute detour: map/link is here

          We often just hit the swiss chalet near Grimsby (and I hate swiss chalet) when we're travelling to/from niagra and need a fast meal.

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            If you're looking for a truck stop there's a Husky on the highway; not sure which exit but it's near Niagara On the Lake/ St.Catherines. I imagine they have a website with addresses. I've only been to this particular location once and we had a child and horse in tow so it was the ideal stop for us. We've eaten at two other Husky's and the menus (may vary from location to location somewhat) are pretty decent for quick roadfood - and much better than fast food. Much of it tastes homemade. You can get everything from a burger to a full meal. Inexpensive and filling. And kids will get a kick out of the telephones with phone cards right at your table. Hope this helps.

          2. If you want to venture off the QEW a bit, you can stop into Niagara On The Lake. It's a beautiful small town at the mouth of the Niagara River, looking across the lake at TO.
            We go to The Olde Angel Inn ( for some fine British pub fare.
            There are other suggestions if you search for NOTL on the Ontario board.


            1. You might consider stopping in Oakville at Sweetsmoke, in a strip mall on Rebecca. It gets high praise on this board, myself as well, and is probably the closest thing to real BBQ around here.Great desserts, too.Just go south from the QEW on Burloak and turn left (east) on Rebecca. website.