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May 12, 2008 06:10 AM

Anyone heard of Ristorante Arquade, near Verona?

Looking for anyone who's heard of or eaten at this 2-star Michelin restaurant in the Hotel Villa Del Quar.

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  1. Yes, heard of it, but never been. I'll look in the Gambero Rosso guide tomorrow to see what they say. I often find Relais places a bit too smooth and international, but that's quibbling, because they are usually wonderful. I investigated Arquade a few years ago and would have gone there but didn't have time. It looked beautiful and sounded very very good. Also after a dinner at Il Desco we were looking more at trattorias. (Desco was great BTW.)

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      Thanks. I'm looking forward to hearing what you find. Maybe we'll also try Il Desco.

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        in verona go to trattoria marchetti, next to the arena

    2. stayed at villa del quar 2 years ago..didnt eat there, only had lunch was ok, nothing great..