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May 12, 2008 06:04 AM

Birthday dinner in Old Lyme CT

Help! I want to take my girlfriend out for a nice romantic birthday dinner in the Old Lyme, CT area. I would like a place that is romantic and delicious, and I'm happy to pay up to $150 for dinner for 2. Help!! I've heard bad things about the Old Lyme Inn, and it seems like restaurants in Old Lyme come and go. I'd be happy to travel 20 minutes or so... Suggestions?

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  1. I suggest Boom in the Old Lyme marketplace. Food is quite good and the ambience will probably fit your needs as well. Good luck!

    1. The Bee and Thistle is lovely and romantic. I think their prix fixe is 60$.

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        I noticed other revues (not on CH) saying that they got a new chef after 2006 and revues have been good since. Several recommendations on CH in 2007.

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          I second Bee and Thistle. Have a lovely evening!

        2. du Glace in Chester is nice French Bistro probably just abt 15-20 min from Old Lyme
          Pips the French bistro in Ivoryton is lovely as well

          both have very authentic Frech bistro style menus - fun and nice ambiances
          My only complaint at Pips is they make yukky martinis - stick to wine and you will be fine!

          1. ladyfemme, try Cafe Routier, on Route 1 in Westbrook - it's just over the Old Saybrook town line. Should be less than 20 minutes away, depending where in Old Lyme you are coming from. I rely on it for business dinners - and personal ones, too - the atmosphere is great, whether in the lounge or the dining room: you'd swear you were in New Haven, if not New York. There are three menus with limited options, usually three or four starters and entrees each: seasonal, themed (looks like German at the moment) and the house specialties. Be sure to try the house-made fries and ask for some chipotle remoulade in addition to the sauce that comes with. I can only vouch for the perennials - steak frites, trout, meatloaf and hangar steak - but these are all are wonderful, which is why they are always on the menu. Hope you and your girlfriend enjoy a special dinner.


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              yes yes!
              cafe Routier is also very nice
              I would second that
              the other 2 bistros in Chester and Ivoryton are nice as well.

            2. I have had a few great meals at Frank's. He's a good chef, and charges fair prices. The website has some pictures of the place, ignore the overgarnished photo on the main page, it's not representative of the food I've eaten there.

              You might be disappointed in the prices, entrees are 'only' in the $20-$30 range, so you'd have to get a few apps, desserts, and drinks to reach $150. Check it out for lunch some time, and see if you'd trust them with a special dinner!

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                I can't believe I forgot the Griz.. My mom reminded me when I mentioned this thread.. Very very very nice.

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                  the gris headed south many moons ago. The wine bar at one point was promising...

                  If River Tavern still has 1/2 price wine nights you can get a lot of mileage out of that place. J. Rapp is an excellent chef with a menu of locally sourced produce and a slant on organic. He is inventive, although when that place gets crowded there isn't much room.

                  Du Village is excellent. A little too stuffy for me

                  Liv's in Old Saybrook has a chef that gives a hoot.

                  And I agree with all that shouldbeworking said about my favorite local place