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May 12, 2008 05:48 AM

Glen Burnie, MD: Uncle James Chicken and Trout

This is one of those "drive by and wonder about" places for me. I've driven past it a hundred times and keep meaning to stop and at least stick my head in the door. Has anyone here gotten that far?

Uncle James' Chicken & Trout, 7411 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD

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  1. I have wondered about this place twice in the last month, myself! I thought it was closed the first time I drove by, but the second time it was obvious it was open.

    It looks like it could have serious Chow potential.

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    1. re: venera

      There is a Chicken and Trout place on Liberty Road west of 695 that was well worth the stop. Far more than the aforementionned, they had a steam table of meatloaf, stewed chicken, vegetables, etc., as well as subs, and pies. The $4.99 "lake trout" (probably whiting), with 2 sides was great. Closed Sunday for religious reasons. So, don't be put off, hounds, that's what it's all about.

      1. re: venera

        I've never even driven by it, but just guessing by the name and location, I would expect it to be totally chow worthy!

      2. Closed. :( It's been closed for at least 4-5 months now. And I never got a chance to try it.

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          And the moral to the story - if you think a place might be chow-worthy, give them a try and find out. If they are, give them some business, and tell others so they stay around! If all of us wait for somebody else to be the first, a lot of places just starting out will never build a sufficient customer base to stay in business, and we all lose.

          1. re: Warthog

            The restaurant was closed for several months while they rebuilt and renovated. It's now open and looks fantastic!!! Im going in and I hope they have chicken n waffles too

            1. re: ms5567

              Really? I never made it to the previous incarnation either, and watching the renovaton I was assuming it was going to become a bank.

              Definitely will make a run up there this weekend.

              1. re: laststandchili

                The sign's still up, but this place is long gone. The "rebuilt and renovated" space is now offices for realtors and mortgage companies.

                1. re: laststandchili

                  Oh what a let down. Did you actually go there and see that its closed? Seems weird that they would put up a brand new brick sign for the restaurant then put in office spaces?

                  1. re: ms5567

                    I went there years ago, not what I thought once inside.
                    Uncle James was long gone then.
                    The place was run by Asians

                    But I was intrigued by the giant sign too.

                    1. re: ms5567

                      Yep, Saturday I bought a recliner at the furniture store a couple doors down then pulled in and circled the property.

                      On the up side, I mentioned the place to a friend who works for the state a few years ago and he made a yuck face and mentioned some health dept issues. Wouldn't have kept me out, but maybe it's all for the better this way.