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Burlington - Seeking dinner recommendations

Only have one night in Burlington. Need a delicious meal before moving on to poutine-centric rural Quebec. Not too expensive or formal, please. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  1. Pretty please. Anyone?


    1. Ma. or Vt.?? Might want to put that in your title. I don't know Vt. but Burlington Ma. has some options - Capital Grill just moved in recenlty but can be pricey.

      1. If you mean VT, do a search. It's been discussed before (and not that long ago).

        1. Vermont. My apologies. I will research previous posts.

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            Beansie's Bus would be an infomal and inexpensive option.

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              I'll second Beansie's, especially if you can get a nice table in the park on a sunny summer evening.

              There's a photo here:


          2. Wow. What an unfriendly group. I regret posting here.

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              Part of the reason for no response may be that your question is pretty vague. Also, I think the general "Dinner rec for Burlington" has been covered pretty well here ..... If there's something more specific you're looking for, then we probably can be of more help.

              I'm not sure what you view as too expensive or formal but I'd recommend American Flatbread or the Daily Planet (haven't been there in a while). American Flatbread has expensive (15-20 for a bread that feeds 2) good flatbread with local ingredients when possible. Daily Planet is a solid moderately-priced restaurant usually with an interesting menu. There's also Single Pebble if you're looking for chinese. Some people rave about it, although I've never been a huge fan.

              If you're looking for someplace fairly unique to Burlington, I'd say go for American Flatbread (although Al's or Beansie's would fall into this category too ......).

            2. Poor dumplingfiend - most of the replies were probably meant to help. Why not try Trattoria Delia - not cheap, mind you, but in a college town like Burlington, cheap eats (and that would include Beansie's Bus) are everywhere...while dining - well, not so much. TD fits two of your three: it's not formal and it is very delicious. Suppose you could stick to generous starters and a pasta and consider it not too pricey. Have never been disappointed, and eat there every time I visit Burlington.

              Here's a chowhound review: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/446143
              And here's one from the NYT: http://travel.nytimes.com/travel/guid...
              For directions and the menu: http://www.menupix.com/burlington/res...

              A confession? I registered for the board only beacuse I hated to see you so disappointed, dumplingfiend.

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                I certainly was not attempting to be "mean" by any stretch of the imagination. For one, I have eaten more than once at Beansie's Bus and would appreciate such an original recommendation if visiting an unfamiliar town. Additionally, I am on "double secret probation" for previous comments made on another thread. If sitting on a bench watching the sunset over Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains while eating a properly made Michigan Dog and hand cut fries at a total cost of under $20 for two is an insult then so be it.

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                  Well, BBus is the kind of place we'd enjoy. I didn't take it as mean at all.

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                    Beansie's is a very well-loved local institution, and I agree with TonyO, there is indeed a real delight in grabbing one of those tables in the park at sunset with a simple meal from the Bus.

                    I'm sorry you mistakenly interpreted our replies as 'unfriendly', they were anything but.

                2. Best of luck this weekend! It's St. Mike's/UVM graduation- Most places in BVT have been booked for months. Happy travels...