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May 12, 2008 05:28 AM

last minute catering ideas needed - bergen co. nj

I live in the englewood/teaneck/ft lee NJ area and am trying to plan a graduation party for 15 - 20 people for THIS SATURDAY!! Obviously its last minute and, given my work schedule this week, I will not have time to prepare anything nor will I really even have time to pull together a menu of prepared foods from different sources. I would like to serve casual, but festive buffet fare - - something easy but definitely a little more special than, say, platters from Costco. I guess I'm thinking in the $20 - $25 pp range (not including alcohol or dessert). Ideas? Has anyone had experience with catered dishes and platters from Jerry's in Englewood or from the Maywood Market? Any recent experince with Whole Foods catering?

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  1. Both Jerry's and Maywood Market are very good, but also very expensive for what you receive. I would also throw The Market Basket into the same category .....

    A recent thread may help. My suggestion is Picnic Caters if you want something other than the usual Italian theme.......but if you do want to consider Italian, there is also Bartolomeo on Grand Avenue in Palisades Park, a short distance from Jerry's Gourmet, and in Fairview there is Valente's or DiPalma Brothers in North Bergen.

    Surprisingly, my new "Can't Miss" item for all parties is now Popeye's Fried Chicken......and it was discovered completly by accident. During a planned Graduation Party a couple of years ago, the food contracted with a caterer seemed less than sufficent, so the party host decided to try and add some more food somehow. Suggestions were made for calling in the assistance of another caterer or pizzeria, but another relative suggested Fried Chicken.....a call was placed for 50 pieces @ $50 and ready to be picked up in less than 45 minutes...all freshly prepared and cooked. At the end of the day, all the chicken from Popeye's was gone and the other catered food was leftover.

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