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May 12, 2008 05:18 AM

What to Order at Il Capriccio?

Getting ready to celebrate my stepdaughter's graduation at Il Capriccio. Any suggestions on what you've really enjoyed and that we shouldn't miss? Please also let me know about desserts. Thank you!

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  1. Recently they had Rabbit Ravioli which was exceptional. I don't know if they are still carrying it.

    1. Any other suggestions? I'm now wondering if I made a mistake and should have made reservations at Campania.

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      1. re: DaisyM

        No mistake. The menu changes, so it's not easy to fix on stand-by dishes. One stand-by, though, is the bolognese, either in lasagna or over tagliatelle. It's always very very good. I have had a chicken soup with dumplings there that made my head spin (but in a good way), but I haven't caught it on the menu in a long time.

        1. re: Momeaux

          The mushroom souffle is probably the one signature dish that has always been on the menu. It is out of this world - very rich and easy to share.

          Friends went recently and raved about both duck and lamb dishes but as noted menu changes frequently (except for that souffle - yum(:.

        2. Thank you! This is an important celebratory dinner for my family and I just want to make sure the food will be very good. Thank you!

          1. Thank you! This is such a special dinner for my family and I just want to make sure I picked a good place. Thank you for your input.

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              I had an appetizer of zucchini blossoms, deep fried with ricotta cheese, drizzled with honey......amazing.

              I can't remember the halibut dish I had for dinner, but it too was tremendous.

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                Thank you for telling me. We'll be sure to have the mushroom soufle and the zucchini blossoms if they are on the menu that evening.

                1. re: DaisyM

                  Wouldn't it be too early for zucchini blossoms right now? I think they don't come out until the summer.

                  Enjoy your dinner. Hope you'll post back to let us know what you had.

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                    Here are two links to their menu:

                    I hope it's accurate, as they change it a few times a year.

                    or here: