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May 12, 2008 05:11 AM

Good lunch spot: Philly Airport to Valley Forge/Collegeville

We will be landing at the Philadelphia Airport Saturday just after noon, when we will drive to Valley Forge/Collegeville. Where is someplace good to stop for lunch? We like deli, Italian, seafood, Vietnamese, Thai.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. ***depending on your time, you should go to Italian Market & hit the festival, walk around for lunch (if you mean 5/17)!
      other options:
      Deli- Famous 4th Street
      seafood-skip in Philly
      Vietnamese- Vietnam in Chinatown, Pho 75 for Pho
      walk around Reading Terminal Market (search other threads for specifics on RTM)

      1. What's your plan? Are you driving straight to VF or do you plan to stop in the city?

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        1. re: Den

          No. We're driving straight to VF and want to avoid going into the city.

          1. re: dochoch

            There was a very recent post on Valley Forge and Collegeville, I would search for that.

            1. re: saturninus

              That post was for restaurants in the Valley Forge Collegeville area. I was hoping someone could recommend something on the road to VF from the airport.


              1. re: dochoch

                I'm confused. You said you wanted to avoid going into the city. The city is on the road to Valley Forge.

        2. I assume you are planning to take the Blue Route (I-476) north to I-76 west. With that in mind, I think Media or the Radnor/Wayne area would be logical places to consider. There have been some recent boards (or revived boards) about each. I am afraid I do not know what might be open for lunch on Saturday around there other than the Hotel Radnor and the Wayne Hotel restaurants. There might be an Iron Hill Brewery in Media but others should be able give you some solid suggestions.

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            In that case, if you want to rule out the city, Teresa's Next Door in Wayne is a good choice- you can take 476 and get off at route 30. Most of the cuisines you mentioned are only worth going to in the city (or not on your route).

          2. This is tough b/c you say you don't want to stop in the city yet until you reach the VF area, you are in the city basically. My only recommendation is if you take 95N to 76W as your route to VF/Collegeville area, you go right past the Belmont Ave exit (off 76W). Manayunk is right off of this exit and a cute place to stop for lunch with several spots close together. Heading West, Belmont Ave exit to the Right. Turn Right and then take your first Right. You'll see several options. Manayunk is still considering philadelphia but maybe out from center city just enough that you will give it a shot. I don't have a specific recommendation for a lunch spot but check out the link below to see your options.

            More info here:

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            1. re: snowy11480

              Continue up the Blue Rte 476 to Germantown Pike and take Germantown Pike East to any of these establishments. I recommend Lucky Dog Saloon, but lunch service ends at 3, resumes, 5 PM. Family run pub, unique specials, homemade desserts

              Anyone else can comment on the locations from a previous post?

              From the Boot (Italian) - Germantown Pk, Lafayette Hill
              Caspian Grille (Middle Eastern) - Germantown Pk, Lafayette Hill
              Lucky Dog Saloon (American) - Germantown Pk, Lafayette Hill

              Geographically close
              Cisco's (Bar, cheesesteaks) - Bethlehem Pk, Flourtown
              Peperoncino (Italian) - Hector St, Conshy

              1. re: EastPA

                The only one that is not out of the way & good choice is Pepperoncini-but if that's the choice I would take 76 from the city, not 476. (And FYI From the Boot is closed for lunch on weekends).