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May 12, 2008 05:06 AM

Dining in Portsmouth

My husband and I will be in Portsmouth next Mon, Tues and Weds. Looking for dining suggestions- lunch and dinner. We like ethnic as well as cutting edge food.

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  1. For dinner, check out the Green Monkey, Library. Lunch Molly Malones, Celebrity Sandwich, Rusty Hammer. Old school Italian, Rosies, For ribs Muddy River.

    1. We really liked the Black Trumpet. Here's my report from last November:

      1. Sake on Market St for sushi. Portsmouth Brewery for good beer (Smuttynose) ...but the food is mediocre, at best. Friendly Toast, for funky diner food, Anneke Jans (across the bridge in Kittery, for a nice dinner (closed Mondays)

        Also, just a suggestion for any nice weather....pick up some snacks at Beach Pea bakery, Terra Cotta Pasta company and Enoteca Italiano, all in Kittery and bring them back to Prescott park for a picnic.

        Anybody been to Ristorante Massimo? The menu looks delicious.

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          Massimo's is the best restaurant in the city of Portsmouth. Elegant with real professional waiters, but not the least bit stuffy. Great attentive service, but they know when to leave you alone. You feel like you should dress up, but they never say anything if you are just in nice sweaters ( meaning not a coat & tie or a dress). Fabulous, superb food. Pricey,but worth every penny.

        2. thanks for the info- we have plans for Green Monkey, Black Trumpet and Rsitorante Massimo. Any suggestions for breakfast and lunch?

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            One other contender that seems to get good reviews (and is next on my Portsmouth list) -

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              For breakfast try Colby's on Daniel St across from the Post Office, all homemade and tasty. For lunch try Chaing Mai on Penhallow St for great Thai lunch specials, or Ceres Bakery on Penhallow St has homemade everything---soups, pizza, quiche, sandwiches and daily specials. All the locals eat there for lunch---quick and good price, plus umpteen desserts, afterall it is a bakery !

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                Went this past weekend with the guys. Had several beers, all of which were delicious. The nachos with chicken and chili were great, as were the pulled pork sandwhiches that we had. The menu here is NOT traditional brew pub fare- so be warned. It is very upscale for the most part, except for the nachos and pulled pork obviously. Still well worth the trip though!!!

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                  I second the motion for Ceres Bakery. Make sure you get the cookie with lemon zest, pecans, chocolate, and coconut.. called a snizz maybe? Not sure, but it's amazing.

                  For sushi, I have to recommend Shio. It's well down route 1 (plaza next to Water Country), but well worth the trip. Poco's has a nice deck, but if you want some form of mexican, I'd rather go to Loco Coco's in Kittery. Lexie's joint has good burgers, but if you like dive burgers, Gilley's PM Lunch rocks the hosue. Rusty Hammer is a great idea, but if you go you MUST get their potato skins... best on the planet. I love the salad at Flatbread, and the pizza is mighty good too. Cafe Mirabelle doesn't have the best food in the city, but it sure is a cute spot to get dinner.

                  I've recently heard that the restaurant at the Sheraton has a nice summer fish menu and they get their fish locally also, so if someone can report about that, I'd be most obliged.

                  Rusty Hammer
                  49 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

                  Cafe Mirabelle
                  64 Bridge St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

              2. We were recently in Portsmouth and parked in the parking garage downtown off Congress, walked out the door up a side street looking for lunch and found this little restaurant called Rudi's. It was really good, with a great wine list to boot. We'd go back.