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May 12, 2008 04:53 AM

Kosher Sherry Vinegar

Hi! I am hoping someone can help me. I live in Rockland County, NY, (near Monsey) and have been trying to find a kosher sherry vinegar. I have a wonderful dressing for spinach salad in a Festival Cookbook and I've been improvising. I'd love to make the recipe properly. Any one??? (Thanks to all of you who have posted yummy vinaigrette recipes.)

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  1. from la times
    In Tierra Sur's tiny kitchen, Aarons makes his own bresaola (air-dried beef), venison terrine, boudin blanc (a sausage) and duck rillette; he cures his own lamb bacon, salts his own cod, ferments his own vinegars. When he couldn't find kosher sherry vinegar, he made it; Herzog now has plans to market the product

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      Thank you - any idea when it will be marketed? I'd love to make my own! I make my own teryaki, and other dressings. Also sauerkraut. Any ideaa on how I would find out how to make good sherry vinegar? Thanks again!

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        Any clue on what's going on with this? I still only see sherry wine vinegar (gross). Since I'm cooking for someone who keeps kosher at the moment I've have to banish all my great recipes that include sherry vinegar. I still haven't seen it anywhere.

        1. re: akalish

          find the best kosher sherry your comfortable buying. mix it 50/50 with braggs cider vinegar or any other mother having cider vinegar. cover with cheese cloth. let sit at least a month. boom.

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            I appreciate the suggestion, but having had the real stuff I'm pretty sure this would be a poor substitute. I don't think the mix and a month's wait can substitute for aging in oak! And for better or worse I'm not about to search out my own casks. :) I'll wait for the real thing and until it appears, just lust after it!

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              umm, ive had the real thing too once or twice. try it.

      2. I could be wrong but I think Kedem makes some.

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          Unfortunately it's actually Kedem who makes that gross sherry wine vinegar. :(