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May 12, 2008 01:38 AM

dumplings in oahu?

just moved to honolulu and i'm looking for a place where i find good that i can find fresh/frozen chinese dumplings that i can put in the fridge and and eat on a night when i'm tired and lazy after work. any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. A really great place to check out is a small little shop in Chinatown that only makes manapua (steamed buns with pork or sweet black beans), and various kinds of dumplings.
    Check out Char Hung Sut Manapua at 64 N. Pauahi Street. They close when they sell out, so go early in the morning.
    I would try one of everything and figure out what you like best. Good luck!

    1. You should also get a membership ($10) for Marukai markets. They carry a wide selection of primarily Japanese goods, but also many other Asian foods. I buy locally made noodles, local and imported dumplings, etc. for use at home.