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May 11, 2008 10:10 PM

New Pho Restaurant near Lee Lee Market

Just went to the new Vietnamese restaurant that just opened in the Lee Lee Market complex in Dobson and Warner. Here are the pros and cons. Please consider that this restaurant just opened, so I'm sure they are still working some kinks out. We ordered the Spring rolls, Pho Tai, Spicy noodle with Pork Blood and iced coffee.
Western friendly decor (a place that you can actually bring someone on a date to). Eventually serve alcohol when they get their liquor license. Reasonable prices. Extensive menu. Great proportion of food, not too big and not too small. Good fast service and friendly staff. Clean.
Pho broth was pretty lousy, it tasted like it was sweetened with sugar. Spring rolls was rubbery mostly comprised of the wrapper and not much filling. The spicy noodle was bad, they used the same broth as the Pho (which is a no no). Iced coffee was watered down.

Although it may seem like a bad review, it really isn't. This is probably the case of new restaurant jitters or simply ordering the wrong items. We did notice that some of the dishes that other people ordered looked pretty good, curry, beef stew with french bread, etc. They have an extensive menu and it would be unreasonable to expect them to perfect everything. We plan to go back and order other things on the menu. I hope to hear what others have experienced from this place.

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  1. Isn't this where Yen Mi was? I think they repainted it so that it looked less institutional and changed the name to Pho (some number), but as far as I know there was always a Vietnamese restaurant there. I'm curious to know if the menu/food is any different than Yen Mi's was.

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      Yen Mi is now Pho 68, which received a fresh coat of paint and adorned with typical Asian kitsch. Using the Pho found in San Deigo as the measuring stick, Pho 68's Pho broth is the best in Arizona. This new Vietnamese restaurant that just opened is called Pho Vien (I think), it is located right next to the Chinese buffet restaurant.

      1. re: p_dubs

        Haven't tried the new one near Lee Lee yet, but Pho 68 is quite good. My wife and I split a bowl of pho and shared some spring rolls, all of it excellent. However, they had trouble swiping our credit card and we ended up being charged twice. On our next vist, they refunded one of the charges without question, said they'd had some kinks after the remodel. This is a pho joint we'll go back to.

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          I liked it too, I had my favorite noodle dish and it was great- not sure of the official name, but it's vermicelli with pork & spring rolls on top of herbs and greens. Never tried Yen Mi, so I can't compare. FYI, they keep it freezing in there, perfect for pho in the summer.