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Citronelle in Carmel, CA

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Does anyone know anything about Michel Richard's new Citronelle in Carmel? Chef Richard formally had a wonderful restaurant in L.A. called Citrus, and currently has a terrific Citronelle restaurant in the D.C. area. I would expect that the new Citronelle is good, but am wondering if anyone has been there and can comment!

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  1. Hi josphal, maybe you need to repost this question on the California board since Monterey county is part of the California board. You should have better luck.

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    2. He also has a restaurant in Santa Barbara.

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        Citronelle in Santa Barbara has been closed for some time.

      2. Indeed the Santa Barbara Citronelle has closed. However, a new Citronelle has opened at the Carmel Valley Ranch. http://www.carmelvalleyranch.com/reso...