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May 11, 2008 08:22 PM

Carmel: Off the beaten path eats?

Hi all.

Have been through Carmel and Big Sur once before and found some great recommendations here. I'll be in Carmel tomorrow night just for the night. Can anyone recommend a good hole-in-the-wall to go have a good meal at? Casual and tasty are the priorities :)


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  1. You should post this on the California board, where you'll get the most responses.

    Edit--sorry, I thought I was on the SF Board!!

    OK, in Carmel, I like Forge in the Forest. Eat upstairs, not downstairs. Casual, good ribs. They also have a heated patio.

    1. Casual....short of going to a place like L'Auberge, most of the eateries in Carmel are casual.

      But try Tommy's Wok for casual chinese. Or China Gourmet. Don't expect great chinese food.

      Christopher's has done some good things.

      Sushi Heaven is one of my favorite Japanese.

      I have had great pasta at Paolina's but avoid other Italian joints as they cannot seem to get over the fact that pasta should be cooked to order and not earlier in the day.

      Both the Village Pub and RG Burgers do a good burger.

      And Allegro Pizza does a reasonable job of making pizza.

      Avoid the mexican places as you can do way better for far less in Seaside (like Rosa's La Villa).

      Finally Flying Fish Grill always has an interesting fusion inspired way of cooking.