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May 11, 2008 08:03 PM

Bistro Jo Jo - Closed?

I passed by JoJo in Marda Loop and the windows are papered up; as we were driving, I was only able to catch a bit of the sign in the window, something about an Indian grocery opening up this summer.

Granted, I had felt the quality of the food at JoJo had been lacking since they moved to Marda Loop. However, it saddens me when independent restaurants in suburban areas, like JoJo or Alexis Bistro, cannot stay afloat. Don't people want something other than Earls???? I know I do....

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  1. This has already been discussed- it's becoming an Indian resto called Rasoi and Mohammed Guelli is involved with it. It's not becoming an Earls!

    1. Also- why do you refer to Marda Loop as "suburban"? It's very much inner city- well, moreso than what most would consider "suburban."

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      1. re: John Manzo

        I agree it is more inner city than say, Rocky Ridge! What I intended to say was, I hope that independent restaurants can survive outside of the downtown/beltline.

        1. re: shopwinedinefine

          Oh they certainly can- when you think about it, Marda Loop is pretty low on chains.

          1. re: shopwinedinefine

            most of the restaurants in marda loop are very busy - we don't even try to go to globefish unless it's early or late. i'm very hopefull for this new indian restaurant.

            and Marda Loop is innner radius is a $15 cab ride to downtown :)

            1. re: pants

              when we were looking at our first condo purchase here (in 2000) we stipulated inner city and our general boundaries were 33rd Ave to the south, Crowchild to the west, 16th Ave to the north and we really didn't consider east, and our realtor was adamant that "inner city" was much bigger than that- in fact I hear areas like Varsity and Kelvin Grove called "inner city" these days! What Marda Loop has is an authentic, streetfront, potentially pedestrian-friendly retail area, and that is by its nature going to attract more "indie" businesses.

              pants, have you tried El's yet? I had one mostly positive experience there although they gave me the wrong roll...

              1. re: John Manzo

                i haven't tried EI's it's always empty when I look in...

                when we were looking for a place it's was the $15 cab ride that was my limit. i think they keep stretching the definition of "inner city" :)

                1. re: pants

                  Well from the size of the place and the two staff--this is not a bad thing, just stating facts--they really cannot handle more than four or five diners at once. Pharaohs was already seriously tiny and El's has sacrificed more of the seating. I'd guess it seats 10.

        2. Where else can you get decent French food in town?

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            1. re: John Manzo

              As the person who created the last post about JoJo's, this news saddened me greatly and I'm still kind of in shock. Beyond being a very good restaurant, JoJo Bistro was a special place for me and my s/o. I hope he finds happiness and success back home though, I ran into him at RBC in Bankers last week but I had no clue about this news until yesterday. No chance to even say good bye!

              I hear you on Fleur De Sel John, but like I said before I did prefer JoJo's to Fleur. Is there anywhere else decent for French? I like Le Beaujolais in Banff quite a bit...

              How's Piq Niq, La Chaumiere, etc.?

              1. re: dknight

                Piq Niq is always pretty good. But the bread stinks. Last time it was stale, plucked out of a tupperware bin behind the bar.

                1. re: dknight

                  I will miss Jo Jo too, though like John, I like Fleur de Sel: the spinach salad, the cassoulet, choucroute.... it really is the better of the two restaurants.

                  Piq Niq is ok, nothing special - I go there sometimes for the live jazz downstairs, if you can get a good seat...
                  Rouge is a bit fussy and expensive, but very good

                1. re: John Manzo

                  I think the food at Tribune is wonderful, absolutely better than the food at Piq Niq, but the prices are higher. I have always adored Fleur de Sel....wonderful food, fun atmosphere. I am very partial to French food, so I'd always be happy to see more French bistros open up in the city.