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May 11, 2008 07:48 PM

Just moved to Peaks Island, need suggestions

I moved to Peaks Island off Portland last weekend with my 2 pre-teen kids. I've been combing the New England board looking for info on food in Portland.

I am looking for recs for very casual good seafood places in and around Portland. An old Chowhound recommendation for lobster and steamers (Newicks in So. Portland) is now moot since they closed that location. Any newcomers?

I'd also love suggestions for really good, authentic clam chowder. I like the real old-school, thin, milky kind. I'm apalled by all the chowders out there that contain flour! Or way too much cream. Or veggies other than potatoes and onions. Just gimme some good, simple, briny chowder and I'll be happy. Any suggestions?

Also, any other general suggestions--but nothing upscale. I find those are easy to find out about, and I'm a poor, single mother anyway and save those places for once a year birthday dinners. Just some good places for deli, burgers, Chinese (does good Chinese exist up here?), Thai, Italian, breakfast, etc.

Thanks, all!


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  1. I'm jealous, we took a nice get-a-way to Peaks Island and loved it. We really enjoyed the Cockeyed Gull right there on Peaks Island. We didn't venture much into Portland but you should do another thread with your subject "Just moved outside Portland Maine, Help!!" you will get loads of wonderful advice from chowhounders.

    Best luck to you and your kids. Single parenthood can be an exhausting but rewarding journey. :-)

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    1. re: lexpatti

      Thanks, Patti, for your suggestions. Single parenthood isn't new, and should be even better on Peaks! Thanks again.

    2. wow- there are so many food options in the portland area. I don't know much about Peaks Island, but I'll tell you about chowder- so far the only one i've found that is the thin kind is at the Lobster Shack at 2 Lights. Definitely the best place for seafood, very touristy so beware weekends in the summer. But their chowder is thin and delicious, and everything there is reliably good.

      and there isn't much good chinese or Mexican food in portland. But lots of thai- I recommend Bankok Thai, on Congress St, very affordable and yummy, and also Mekong Thai on Forest Ave.

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      1. re: ladyfemme

        Thanks so much, Lady. The Lobster Shack at 2 Lights--is that in Portland?

        I'll definitely check out Bangkok Thai. Thanks again!

      2. We're leaving Peaks Island after summering there for 50 years. The Inn on Peaks is decent, but can be overpriced for what you get as they try to cater to the increasingly "upscale" island crowd. The Peaks Island House serves mediocre predictable food, but the omelettes are pretty good. The Gull serves a few Korean-influenced dishes (because one of the owners is Korean), but is way overpriced and the waitstaff is apathetic. I never understood why the potential gold mine that is Jones Landing opens only for Reggae Sundays and catered events. Outside of Hannigans Market, which makes surprisingly good pizza, that's about it on Peaks.

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        1. re: Dinsdale45

          Thanks, Dins. I'm already pretty familiar with all the options on Peaks itself. I was really looking for food options in Portland or nearby areas.

          Thanks, though, and good luck!

        2. Flatbread Pizza Company has great pizza, it's casual, and I'd consider it to be kid friendly. When you take the ferry over to Portland, it's right on the left of the terminal. Becky's Diner is another option, but there always seems to be a wait. That's at the other end of Commercial Street. I also like the burritos at Granny's Burrito's on Fore Street. The West End Grocery has good deli sandwiches. I'm not sure about Chinese or burgers.

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          1. re: JenBoes

            I concur that Flatbread is a great option for you with the kids. Two other possibilities: on Wharf St., in the middle of some high-end places like Street & Co and Cinque Terra, is Passage to India: reasonably priced, kid-friendly, very tasty. If you and your crew climb up the hill to Congress St. and turn left, you'll find The Green Elephant (vegetarian) at the corner of High St. Again, excellent tastes, reasonable prices. I don't have a sense of where the good burger places might be in town, and as you will have heard, there's no edible Chinese, just lots of decent Thai.

            1. re: mainemal

              If you want decent Chinese, you'll have to go to Freeport for China Rose, on Main Street. Also, although I haven't been there in a few years, Imperial China by the mall used to be good.

          2. We recently had a good, hearty supper at Norm's Bar & Grill on Congress Street, in the arts district near High St. Very casual, appeared to be populated by students and others associated with MECA. Here's a link to a news story about Norm's:
            The article is 5 years old, but pretty much describes the experience we had just a couple of months ago.