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May 11, 2008 07:29 PM

Torchy's Tacos (sit down, south of Oltorf)

Went today and sampled four tacos (fried avocado, Baja shrimp, The Republican and the fajita beef). All the tacos were large but let us unsatisfied. The fried avocado was better in concept than reality. The refried beans really detracted from the concept and flavor. The baja shrimp were also disappointing, no flavor other than the tasty salsa that I had to steal from my dining companion. The creamy chipotle sauce my taco came with was sweet and not quite right (kinda like creamy bbq). As for the other tacos, the fajita beef had too large of chunks of meat and were not quite tender enough. The corn tortillas were stock and tough.

The only thing that was great was the green chile queso. Whether it is purist queso, I will leave others to debate, but it was loaded with cilantro and yummy. It also has a scoop of quac for some more creaminess. Thoughts on good things to order or your experiences? The crowd was large so don't know if I missed something amazing...

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  1. Went a month ago because of reviews in this board. Food was ok; but not great. Don't get the rave reviews that I saw before.

    1. The green chili pork and the democrat (barbacoa) are reasons to eat there. I ALWAYS get the diablo habanero sauce and slather it on each. The queso I agree is outstanding. The rest, also give or take in my opinion? These three items are outstanding. their tuna tacos when on special are also great.

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        I agree completely. The green chili pork, democrat and diable sauce are the three reasons I go whenever I fly in. Great queso too. Only been to the one on 6th St. at Woodrows. Gotta try TacoDeli.

      2. I don't understand the appeal of this place. If you want a pseudo hipster taco, go to TacoDeli instead. I've been here 3 times, have had the green chile pork, trailer park, and democrat. the pork was very tasty but the dry store bought corn tortillas ruined it. The trailer park was a single fried chicken strip that reached halfway across a store bought flour tortilla. Not worth 3 bucks. The barbacoa was about the same quality that you can pick up at the HEB deli, fine but not noteworthy.

        I still say if you can't get 3 tacos and a can of coke for a 5 spot, it's not a true taco joint.

        1. Looks like they're expanding again, into the old Dog Almighty location on the Drag (across from Dirty's). There's a new "coming soon" sign in the window.

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            Taco Shack is right up the road from there. But they operate totally different hours.

            Off their website:

            Monday – Friday
            Breakfast All Day
            6:30AM-2:30 PM
            11:00AM – 2:30PM

            Breakfast Only