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May 11, 2008 07:17 PM

Honey Pig.. Has anyone been there this year?

Thinking about hosting a dinner for six there. Cant find the website, read the LA Times article. But looking for a Hounds Point of view. Did a search here and the topic was touched lightly but no real opinions given. What say you. Thanks in advance..

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  1. I think I was there this past February. I like the place alot.
    In particular, I recommend the "spicy spare ribs" or whatever they call it. These are pre-cooked, not cooked at your table. They are spicy and slightly sweet and have a nice overall flavor.

    In general the main attraction is pork belly. One time, I ordered the wild boar and it was transcendent but I have ordered it others and not been as happy.

    It should be fine for 6 people and the wait staff there is very helpful and accommodating to non-Koreans.

    When you are done they bring rice to cook and soak up the pork fat on the grill, which is my favorite part so save room.

    1. We went a couple of months back and was very happy with our meal. The only thing was that the pork and meats were not marinated. So be sure to ask for some salt to sprinkle on them before you grill... Even with the dips, kimchee, etc... it helps a lot with the flavor...


      1. I went a couple of weeks ago with a big group - 12 people. We needed two tables. It was, as usual, excellent. They do have a very good spicy - not very - marinated pork, as well as the great pork belly and excellent beef. The shrimps are good. We even satisfied some vegetarians in the crowd with an order of mushrooms to grill. Very reasonably priced - about $30 per person with way more food than we were able to finish and copious amounts of beer and soju. They say that they don't take reservations, but they will take your name, the size of your party and the time you want and "put you on the list." In my experience that seems to be the same thing as a reservation, at least I've always been seated within about 15 minutes of the time I requested.

        1. The rice they pile on the grill to absorb all the pork drippings at the end is the best part of Honey Pig. And we love the mushroom plate they offer in addition to the meats. A good choice. I also like the rice noodle wrappers they serve with the meat. The only thing I wish HP offered, are more Panchan, I think it was just the kimchi, maybe something else... Enjoy!

          1. It's a great place for a large party, because they offer so much food! a group of 3 girls went there earlier this year, ordered the pork, beef, and mushroom, and could not finish the meal. definitely save room for the rice at the end... their beef steaks are delicious, too (i forgot what part of the beef it was, but it was a thicker slab of beef than regular galbi).